You know those horror stories about individuals who hit the lottery? The ones where a guy strikes it rich on Mega Millions but ultimately loses it all because of horrible investments, mismanaged savings and greedy, opportunist family members. Well, I am beginning to see a parallel to that scenario and college football.

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Years from now when we look back on the year 2020, we’ll undoubtedly remember it with an unprecedented range of emotions. I think it’s safe to say some aspects of our lives will forever be changed. That’s probably a good thing concerning many circumstances and it could very well be a bad thi…

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The Southeastern Conference has established Sept. 26 as the new kickoff for its 2020 football season to allow its universities to focus on the healthy return of their campus communities and the gradual re-introduction of athletics. The 14 members of the SEC continue to monitor developments r…

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Because college football’s availability for the fall is still in limbo, I am beginning to run low on stories. Usually this time of year, sportswriters are throwing out their top 25 rankings or best quarterback rankings or best tailgating campuses rankings. Therefore, I think I will begin a s…

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When Elizabeth Lyon Burns received a call from Alabama High School Athletic Association director Steve Saverese her late father, Samuel ‘Hamp’ Lyon, was being inducted this year into Alabama High School Athletic Association Sports Hall of Fame, she didn’t believe him. 

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It’s very rare around here for a college basketball article to be written in early July. Of course, it is also rare our entire country is overwhelmed with a new virus which essentially puts a stop to all sports, so, here we are.

I would estimate during an average week I’m asked whether or not I believe there will be college football this fall at least 10 times. You probably have that same discussion amongst your friends on a routine basis.

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Whether it’s been obvious or not, I haven’t unveiled my list of greatest games attended in any particular order. I’m sure I could come up with some definitive scale if I had to, but all eight games I’ve talked about so far are incredibly special in their own right.

Before 2010 BCS championship game gave Alabama its 13th (or eighth or 24th or whatever you want to call it) national championship, the last Crimson Tide team to be crowned was done so Jan. 1, 1993. It was the Nokia Sugar Bowl that year and ’Bama defeated a celebrated and unbelievably arrogan…

Heading into the 2005 Florida game, I think most ’Bama fans were pretty confident. However, that is nothing new. ’Bama fans always think we should beat anybody and everybody every time no matter unrealistic the circumstances.

When I rolled over to check the time on my phone in my Louisville, Kentucky, hotel room last Tuesday night, I already knew it had to be about 1 a.m. Of course, it was that exact time. After all, it’s always about 1 a.m. when I first mildly wake during the night.

Spring football was canceled, but the “transfer portal” (insert cool sound effect) is still functioning at maximum capacity. Hundreds of student-athletes have already or will soon find a new home and suit up for a different team in 2020.

Not every game in this weekly trip down memory lane of great Alabama games I have personally attended will be meaningful in deciding the SEC champion. That statement is definitely in full effect when discussing the ’Bama versus LSU game of 1998 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Every year hundreds of college football players get invited to work out on the national stage to prove and show their talents to scouts and owners alike. Unlike the other major sports in the United States, the NFL Scouting Combine is exciting and unpredictable.

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Until I can properly digest the outcome of the national championship game between LSU and Clemson and this week’s basketball game between Auburn and Alabama, I’m taking a look back to 2019 and remembering some of the legendary sports figures who are no longer with us.

After so much talk about “giving” in the months leading up to Christmas, the weeks after have always been about “returning.” Usually it’s an ugly sweater or defective coffee maker, of course, but this year there was one potential return that kept everyone buzzing: The possible return to Alab…

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An assortment of Christmas Eve thoughts for you to read as an excuse to get away from your intrusive family who is visiting. Consider it my gift to you:

This past season wasn’t exactly the best one in Alabama Crimson Tide sports history. In fact, in terms of expectations versus results, it could go down as one of the more disappointing in memory.

We are on the heels of yet another incredible Iron Bowl. What a game it was! Both teams played their hearts out. I’m just thankful the good guys came out on top. It got me to thinking of my most memorable Iron Bowl matchups throughout my lifetime — that I remember.

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I said last week this year’s Iron Bowl was going to be very difficult to predict. There were several unknowns that made it nearly impossible to truly know what to expect.

When Joseph Bulovas’ toe met football leather with two minutes left in the Iron Bowl, there was slow-motion anxiety for every Alabama fan. Misses, pulls, yanks, shanks and doinks from years’ pasts came flooding through their memories like some demented, torturous highlight reel from hell. 

The 93 points scored in Saturday’s Iron Bowl are the most Alabama and Auburn have combined for in the series in games played at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The previous high was 62 in 2013.

One year ago, student veterans from Auburn University and the University of Alabama used their Thanksgiving break to lace up their boots, throw on their rucksacks weighing 22 pounds, and march 151 miles from the “Plains” of Auburn to the “Druid City” of Tuscaloosa to raise awareness for vete…

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To the average college football connoisseur, this Saturday’s Iron Bowl may seem rather uneventful. That’s understandable; it’s simple math: Auburn’s lack of offense plus Alabama’s injuries times negative-Tua Tagovailoa equals less national interest.

A couple weeks ago, sports writer Caleb Turrentine penned a column about the potential environment of a high school basketball game. If the crowd is large and into it, it can be one of the best atmospheres around the sports world.