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One of the most popular articles last week involved claims polls showed Republicans had increased their support of President Donald Trump. But a closer analysis of the data reveals any increase in support was within the margin of error. So the polls couldn’t conclude GOP support for Presiden…

There is an age-old question of how much is too much of something? I find this adage to pop up every time my wife and I take a trip somewhere. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s to the grocery store or a trip around the world I have to load the car with things “she might need.” More than…

Every newspaper is criticized for something. Unfortunately, the media is trusted less today than it was many years ago. It’s something The Outlook strives to overcome.

A district court judge recently blocked the Trump administration from approving oil leases off the coast of Alaska. The decision is terrible news for American workers, who will lose out on thousands of jobs if the ruling stands.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m one of those Americans who loves the flag, posting it not just on holidays. I’ll wear soccer jerseys bearing the U.S. emblem and T-shirts from patriotic races.  I’ve written columns praising the “Star-Spangled Banner,” defending our national anthem long before C…

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The 2020 presidential election year has already begun. It usually begins on Labor Day of the year prior to the election but in recent decades the parade has started early. They really are four-year caravans and begin the day after the president is sworn in.  

The Dadeville Police Department recently issued nine citations for failure to vaccinate animals against rabies and the five animal owners were in court this week.

It’s hot as Hades. Hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Hot as the devil, and hotter than his house cat. Hotter than asphalt at Six Flags. Hotter than The Oak Ridge Boys’ hearts on fire for Elvira. Hotter than a fresh biscuit out of the oven. Hotter than the racetrack at Daytona. And finall…

While we hope it never has to go into action, the Alexander City and Tallapoosa County Rescue Squad should make the area proud for the part its members played in retrieving the bodies of two men killed in a boating crash in Elmore County on July 4.

Ever heard of Hurricane Pam? It hit New Orleans in July 2004. The Category 3 storm made a direct hit on the Crescent City, destroying half-a-million homes, displacing a million residents and killing an estimated 25,000 to 100,000 citizens.

Don’t look now but the 2020 presidential election is upon us. Indeed, as many as 21 Democratic aspirants are already announced and campaigning.

There have been some tragic headlines in our newspaper this week, and it’s never easy to digest tragedies so big where lives are lost and ones that happened so unexpectedly. 

There’s a debate going on in the Trump Administration about what to do concerning Iran. On one hand, he has a group of advisers who can’t wait to go to war in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman against Iran. They are opposed by President Donald J. Trump, who wisely has tried to downplay t…

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On Independence Day, we urge Americans to take time not only to celebrate, but also to recognize the responsibilities of citizenship. There’s no free ride here.

I have an awful headache and really don’t feel like writing this article today. I get them often; sometimes the timing is terrible. Since I missed a couple of weeks in June already, I felt obligated to write this week, only I didn’t. 

The first European settlers in America came seeking religious freedom without government intervention and prohibitions. Some came who simply wanted freedom and a new start in life. Ambitious European rulers competed for colonial superiority over their counterparts in the new world.

Lake Martin is arguably one of the best places to spend July 4, although we may be a bit biased. But when you’ve seen how our area can put on a show for the holiday, it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment. 


One year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. Too many seconds to count.

Every time you bring up the subject of grandchildren every grandparent immediately reaches for photos of the kids. To them, their grandchildren are the most beautiful things in all the world. It seems they can’t get enough pictures of their precious offspring because every one of them is a K…

State Sen. Jabo Waggoner (R-Vestavia) has been in the Alabama House and Senate for over 40 years, a record in Alabama history and definitely a record of longevity for any Jefferson County legislator.

Iran has supplied weapons and money across the Middle East and around the world for decades. Iran recently attacked oil tankers and shot down an American unmanned drone. President Donald Trump signaled the U.S. would strike back and media and politicians went nuts speculating about Trump lea…

The City of Alexander City is making a tremendous effort to make sure its finances are not only accountable to the penny but transparent and another big step is being taken by providing monthly status reports to the city council.

Vacation Bible School starts Sunday at Sixth Street Baptist Church where I’m interim pastor. I guess that explains all these folks in the church diligently decorating rooms. Vacation Bible School has come a long way from coloring books, sugar cookies and red Kool-Aid. Nowadays everything is …

We have some great residents in Tallapoosa County. Where help is needed charitable people come running for the cause. Whether it’s sharing a “lost dog” post on Facebook, volunteering for monthly cleanups with the Clean Community Partnership or whatever the mission may be, our community has b…

Area officials were disappointed by the news Publix has decided not to build a new location in Alexander City, which ends a second attempt to land the coveted grocery store chain.