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Are you cold when you step outside during this weather? When you have to put gas in your car and stand at the pump with the harsh, cold wind blowing on you, isn’t it miserable? Aren’t you thrilled the moment you step back into your heated home? These are questions you need to keep in mind th…

We have so many incredible people in our community. People who go above and beyond for their friends and family and people who volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts — they’re everywhere around here. 

Things are looking a lot brighter for downtown Alexander City. Lights were recently installed by Main Street Alexander City on trees throughout the downtown area. 

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. From dressing up in the best costume ever, to going door to door for enough candy to last through the new year, there are few things more fun than Halloween night.

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State report cards were released Friday and both Alexander City and Tallapoosa County schools showed growth. Alexander City Schools’ grade increased from an 80 to 85 and Tallapoosa County Schools’ grade increased from 78 to 86. 

Alexander City was the place to be Saturday with Oktoberfest and the Aero Warrior car show. Both events brought out locals and out-of-towners with live music, food and entertainment.

We’re fortunate to have the local businesses we have in Alexander City and Tallapoosa County. Many of them are family-owned and operated and run by local folks. It’s so important for community members to support these businesses because without us they can’t continue to open their doors. Thi…

If you glance through our calendar page or scroll through our online calendar, you’ll notice there are a ton of things happening in October.

Eighteen years ago today a terroristic attack occurred that shook the United States of America. Hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers took action against terrorists.

Alexander City’s location means we benefit in many ways because of where we are in relation to other big attractions and what we have right here in our own backyard.

Sometimes our area law enforcement officers don’t get the proper appreciation they deserve. We have officers constantly running to scenes around the county on a daily basis to serve residents in one way or another, whether it be someone threatening another, a wreck that has occurred in the a…

At The Outlook we often see complaints not much is going on Alexander City but we beg to differ.

According to a recent study, more than 262,000 children in Alabama are affected by the devastating effects of poverty every single day. Alabama Possible reports Alabama’s children poverty level is 6% higher than the national average.

They’re not parents but they’re similar. They do their best to  mold and shape children to be the best they can be. They start out teaching the littlest of students their shapes, colors, numbers and letters and go through each step of learning until they are prepared for life outside of scho…

After Saturday, residents and those traveling through Alexander City will notice cleaner roadsides thanks to a dedicated local group and volunteers.

The Lake Martin Area United Way will soon kick off its 2019-20 fundraising campaign and we encourage all citizens in Tallapoosa and Coosa counties to give whatever they can for this worthy cause.

The Tallapoosa County Commission did the right thing, maybe even a courageous thing given the area’s anti-tax sentiment, by deciding unanimously Monday to keep a 1-cent sales tax dedicated to education so our two school systems can raise money for badly needed new facilities.

Shoplifting is a common plague on businesses large and small not only in Alexander City but nationally.