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Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith has to like the idea of major expansions and new jobs in his community being announced so much recently.

Suspects are passing counterfeit bills in Alexander City, so customers and merchants should be vigilant about funny money.

National Nurses Week is celebrated May 6-12 each year while National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, but nurses and teachers both deserve much more than a week of recognition. 

Children were focused on Friday making either a robot follow in a straight line or making Kinex parts move at Edward Bell Career Technical Center. A showcase for the Tallapoosa County robotics gifted program was held where students got to show their parents what they have been working on sin…

Alexander City officials and residents reeled Monday after Mayor Jim Nabors suddenly died after emergency surgery to remove an intestinal blockage.

Thursday was National Day of Prayer and in Alexander City residents celebrated it in a big way by spreading love and praying together.

A rash of vehicle break-ins has plagued Alexander City the last two weeks and a lot of it probably could have been avoided.

Easter is a time of renewal — a reminder of life restored. The natural sense of the coming of spring mingles for the day with the Christian promise of eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Some residents who might be annexed into New Site are up in arms about the prospect and it seems the town government is wise to table any action until it has had more time to study it.

On Friday, the Tallapoosa County Department of Human Resources and Tri-County Child Advocacy Center co-hosted an annual child abuse awareness program. At the end of the program, those in attendance released 93 balloons representing the children the organizations served in 2018.

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The National Weather Service office in Birmingham announced Friday an enhanced risk for tornadoes and winds up to 60 mph Sunday morning through Sunday afternoon.

It takes special people to adopt children and take care of them if they are not biological offspring. Some don’t get to choose whether they become a parent or not. Adoptive and foster parents choose to love a child and give them every benefit a stable home provides.

It’s no secret the rivalry between the University of Alabama and Auburn University is a heated one. Sports fans across the country get excited for the annual Iron Bowl, and even when it’s not on the gridiron, it’s fun to watch Alabama and Auburn compete in all athletics.

All Alabamians should be embarrassed by the U.S. Department of Justice report released Wednesday about the deplorable and even inhumane conditions of our state prisons.

Hospitals need different professionals in place to keep them running including nurses. Practical nurses (PN) do the basics for patient care in hospitals; they monitor patients’ health and administer basic care such as changing bandages and providing comfort for patients. PNs respond to regis…

Everyone can name a teacher who made a positive impact in his or her life. Good teachers are always in need and should be recognized throughout the community.

We elect representatives to conduct our governmental business with a representative democracy. We do so to avoid the problems of a true democracy with the logistics of everyone debating and voting on governmental affairs.

Slow down and pay attention to the road if you plan on traveling on U.S. Highway 280 East sometime soon. Construction workers are laboring on River Bridge, traffic is down to one lane on each side and the posted speed limit has dropped to 45 mph.

People network with family, friends and colleagues in more ways than one and keep those connections through social media. The First Amendment grants us a right to freedom of expression, information, etc. and the advent of social media went hand in hand with that.

Jayden Carr, who is 4 years old, became fascinated by solar panels when they were explained to him by his father, Dr. Jeremy Carr, who teaches at Central Alabama Community College.

Kids these days are obsessed with technology in a way older generations just can’t understand. When we were kids, we wanted to be outside — rain or shine — playing outside making mud cakes in the dirt, playing hopscotch or anything else we could find to do. If it was a stormy day, we were bo…

Protection is always worth the price when lives are at stake. In the weekend edition of The Outlook, we wrote about Stephens Elementary School principal Mary Holloway announcing plans for a security desk at the entrance of the school.

The Alexander City Board of Education took stern and appropriate action Friday by expelling for a year a Benjamin Russell student who showed a handgun to another student earlier this month.

There are a lot of great people doing great things and providing great services to people in our area. From organized cleanups to volunteer groups to area civic clubs, Tallapoosa County benefits from each of these things.

State Rep. Ed Oliver (R-Dadeville) says he is as conservative as they come but the first-term Alabama House member joined many other tax-averse lawmakers to pass the state’s first increase in the gas tax since 1992.

The City of Alexander City seems to have solved a problem that has been bubbling for several years by getting permission to expand the size of its inert landfill on North Central Avenue.

It was a nice sight to see so many people show up to the grand opening of Frohsin’s Clothier on Saturday.  Area residents, members of the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Alexander City and more turned out to support the opening of a long-awaited business in one of the most hi…