Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund makes it easier for internet providers to reach the rural areas that normally wouldn't be worth their while. For the 25.1% of Tallapoosa and 30.5% of Coosa County residents without a broadband internet subscription, this is a key first step — it's one thing to not be able to afford internet, it's another thing entirely to not have the option to purchase it.

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The last year the COVID-19 pandemic has left many with questions.

No required masks are coming Friday but it doesn’t mean no masks.

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For the past decade or so, "brain drain" — in which the young and educated flee their hometowns, taking their brains and economic potential with them —  has been the dominating narrative for the rural south. The problem is a vicious cycle, as the more people leave, the fewer reasons there are for the next generation to stay.

On Monday, Alabama moved to its next phase of vaccine allocation, broadening eligibility to more than half of adults including, as workers in media, every member of this newsroom.

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Sometimes we overestimate danger and sometimes we underestimate it. Last March, top infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci estimated the pandemic could kill 100,000 to 200,000 Americans, and the nation gasped. Last month, U.S. COVID-19 deaths surpassed half a million.

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Montgomery has been a buzz for the last week with the sounds of pen strokes just before the legislature came into session.

As Alabama COVID-19 hospitalizations reached their second peak this month, the police scanner is starting to sound like a broken record of calls for hospital patient transfers.  

Last week, The Outlook reported Alexander City Schools teachers and staff would be receiving a $500 bonus for pandemic-related challenges — not for the past semester, but anticipated challenges in the upcoming semester.

On Tuesday, Margaret Keenan of Coventry, U.K. became the first patient worldwide to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, just one week before her 91st birthday. Alabama Department of Health (ADPH) expects to receive 41,000 vaccine doses in the coming weeks, all of which will be going to healthcare wo…

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It’s a time to gather with family and friends; it usually means a day or two off work and a lot of food.

Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau reported its new business application figures for third quarter. The states categorized ‘the South’ represent about one-third of the U.S. population, yet last quarter, they supplied half the country’s total of new business applications. The South is growing …

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Alabama, now is not the time to be lax. While Tallapoosa County is considered at moderate risk, that data is reevaluated often and can very easily change.

Tallapoosa County residents woke up this morning with the results of local mayoral runoff elections in Alexander City, Dadeville and Camp Hill. They all had the opportunity to vote and voice their opinions for a second time in one of these elections but that doesn’t mean everyone will all be…

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The heart of a city is its downtown and Main Street Alexander City deserves all the praise and recognition it got Monday for the tremendous effort being made to revitalize and grow Alexander City’s historic district.

Some crimes are obvious, making it easy to sentence the perpetrator. Others, such as littering — not so much. It’s hard to pinpoint who littered when we see trash all over the highway. We see the trash and know someone must have done it — whether indirectly from trash blowing out of a truck …

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The Outlook stands loyally behind the Alexander City Police Department as it rallies around the hopeful recovery of Det. Drew Machen, who suffered a severe heart attack Monday morning and was in critical condition as of Tuesday.

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We could all take a page out of registered nurse Erin Dean’s playbook. Despite multiple diagnoses of cancer, working a full-time job, raising three children and being a full-time student at UAB, Dean does not give up.

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The Outlook wants to applaud all area teachers and staff for a smooth first day of school. Tallapoosa County Schools started last week and Alexander City Schools started Tuesday. As journalists, we’re always out there on the scene witnessing the action firsthand and we can proudly say our sc…