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Kari Grace, left, and her daughter Lydia Grace buy sweets from Emily Mann, right, at the farmers market Saturday.

Microgreens such as tiny salads sat on a table at the first Alexander City Farmers Market of the season Saturday morning.

Vendor Alfred Grace said the table of plants grown with aquaponics is a side job for him and his wife, Kari.

“Basically, I farmed all my life and I farmed kind of big, so I had 55 acres and 40 rows of peas, 40 rows of this, that, whatever,” Grace said. “I decided, ‘Let’s try something a little different, something of nutritional value and start looking at smaller space.’ 

“We grow all of this in a 4-feet by 8-feet area so that was one of the scaling-down sides of it. I don’t have to get on the tractor and plow field.”

The Graces moved to Alexander City last year at the end of the farmers market season and debuted their stand this weekend.

The farmers market featured a variety of stands from arts and crafts, to peaches and vegetables and even sweets. Resident Ronnie McDaniel has sold roasted peanuts at the market for six years and Saturday was the first time he additionally sold wood crafts.

Seller Carley Cummins sold jellies, jams and sourdough bread at the event and said the weather and crowd were great for the day. 

Cummins said the farmers market brings the community together and gives artists an outlet to sell their products.

“I also think it’s good for Alex City because the more common a place for people to come together, the more people feel like they’re part of something and they feel attached, and that to me is very important for community development,” Cummins said.

The next farmers market will be held from 7 to 11 a.m. Saturday at the Broad Street Plaza and continues each Saturday through Sept. 28.