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CACC's Nathan Curtis. (Darius Goodman/Tallapoosa Publishers)

Last week, Central Alabama Community College’s Nathan Curtis had a great outing on the mound limiting Lawson State to just one run as the Trojans kept their postseason hopes alive.

It was a refreshing win for the program that hasn’t quite found their footing in the post COVID-19 campaign but they were still able to benefit from a solid outing in spurts.

Curtis was a big factor as he only surrendered four hits, one run and struck out six. The win was great but watching Curtis pitch for the Trojans was an exciting experience.

Striking batters out and even having a defense pick-up behind him and throw a runner out was exhilarating as Curtis exhibited a little swagger on the mound.

“I mean, it definitely helps,” Curtis said about his mound presence. “When you’re out on mound it helps to get animated and get yourself going. It helps me stay focused in the game. Sometimes I’ll even think the other team is saying something when they’re not even saying anything. Just to try and get heated up. But when I’m on the mound, I like to show a little emotion and get my teammates into it too.”

Curtis, a third-year sophomore for the Trojans, will be on the move. He’s already committed to another college, Martin Methodist in Tennessee. It’s a tough move for any player, but Curtis will be there for the next two years he says.

“So I’ll be going there for my last two years and I spent three years here cause of COVID and everything,” Curtis said. “I’m a third-year sophomore. I’m one of those guys. I’m excited to get out but I’m not excited to leave here. I love here. I love being around CACC and everything they do for us. But I’m excited for the next two years at Martin Methodist.”

With the small town feel of CACC and the Alexander City area, players make bonds that are considerably closer than many places. Curtis is in that boat and recalls the good memories he made with his teammates at CACC over the years.

“I’ve been here for three years now and I saw during my freshman year we had a bunch of sophomores that aren’t here anymore and then that next year, I had all these guys come in,” Curtis said. “So I got two good years, which you don’t get a lot in JUCO to just bond. Everybody in our team getting together, we just hang out in the apartments playing video games. Ya know, normal college kid stuff. It’s just being around each other. Especially when we come out on the field we just know how to have fun and it’s great having a bunch of dudes that want to be here and making memories. On the field, off the field. It’s always a good time.”

When the final game is over for the Trojans, whenever that may be this season, Curtis will move on but the question of who he thinks will inherit his swagger will still remain. The few ideas he has revolves around quite a few names.

“We have Slade (James) who is our closer right now, he started a game for us and it was his first start,” Curtis said. “It was awesome to see him go five innings because usually we see him go one. So I think he may be a starter next year so we’re kinda excited to see what’s going to happen there but I know our pitching staff is in good hands. We’ve got a lot of freshmen who are ready to pitch as well so I know they’re in good hands.”

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Darius Goodman graduated from South Carolina State University in 2015 and returned to Georgia as a sports journalist. 2017 Award-winning sports journalist in Georgia now in Alabama looking to tell the stories of the community.