I know most people do not like abortions however this is an individual’s choice for her body.

Think if it were you: you had taken precautions — condoms to start and they tore or birth control pills and you had to take antibiotics so the pills didn’t work as they were supposed to and you became pregnant. In no way have you planned for a child. Your significant other is mad as a hornet — how could you do this to us?

Pressure of all sorts, stress is way out of bounds. You would have to give up the child because you couldn’t afford to feed another child, you have an abusive husband, you need to stay in school or you just don’t want a child at this time in your life. The boss wants to give you an advance to a higher position but will want you to travel or be on call and if you get pregnant the job won’t be given to you. You want to wait until the time is right to have a child so you can be the best parent possible. This is your choice — not anyone else’s. 

Women have and will have abortions whether Christians like it or not. Coat hangers, whatever,  will be used. However, it is not because the woman wants to do this; it is because they have to in most cases, not all cases. If the life of the mother doesn’t matter to you or some cells are more important than the life of a woman then you probably cannot see her point of view

Are women so insignificant no one cares what women think? They are supposed to do what men say, right? Women are worth nothing — only a cell or two are — then once this child is born who will feed, clothe and take care of it? Not most men or these folks complaining.

I’ve heard of a few Christians adopting or fostering a child and that is commendable but how many children are going to be out there who won’t get love and help? You know, food, water and shelter. Women cannot afford to pay for childcare with low wages or cannot get to work without a car that they cannot afford. Now Republicans want to stop food stamps stating these people just want freebies.

What about school — who pays for all the items the schools need? Luckily, the kids have a free school lunch program. Look at how many children are in the schools now receiving breakfast and lunches.   

Who is selfish here? Not the women who make this choice that most do not want to make. It is you, the so-called Christian, who wants to make her choice for her. So you would rather the child live in squalor? These children won’t have nutritional foods because the woman has to go to food banks and beg for money for power bills, some live on the streets and have no money to pay for childcare to get a job which they will be stuck in the rest of their lives, unable to improve in her life situation. Is that is OK with you? Apparently so since this abortion bill became law. Are you willing to pay higher taxes to help them out? I’d bet the answer is no.

Judy Palfrey is a Dadeville resident.