Letter to editor

Dear Editor,

Tallapoosa County has the fourth highest per capita incidence of COVID-19 but has previously ranked No. 2 for weeks now. 

We have seen friends and neighbors here die of this disease. Yet if one goes to Walmart or Piggly Wiggly in Alexander City, one sees fewer than half the customers — and sometimes even some workers — are not wearing masks. This is really an outrage. 

It is unconscionable the Tallapoosa County Health Department and store managements allow this to continue, putting patrons and workers at risk. Wearing a mask does little to protect the mask-wearer but instead, wearing a mask protects others. Allowing customers and workers not to wear masks indoors at all times is unfair to those who do wear masks.

Business owners should require masks of all customers and workers inside buildings, not only to ensure the safety of all but also to avoid liability for future legal claims someone has acquired infection on business premises. 

Where is the mayor of Alex City in all this? Where are the county health department officials? If I were in those positions, I would be out visiting the managers of businesses all over town to remind them of their need to safeguard the public. 

And for those of the public who are not wearing masks while this pandemic continues to spread in Tallapoosa County, please, take care of others by wearing a mask when indoors. 

Mark Barnes

Alexander City

Former associate health commissioner of New York City