Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

Obama said we should reject racist language coming out of the mouths of our leaders who feed the climate of hate and fear. I agree. 

Let’s start with the fake moral outrage from Democrats and 2020 candidates. It’s not Republicans calling Democrats racist, bigots, white supremacists, even though Democrats were the party of the KKK. 

Then let’s reject the racial attacks against President Donald Trump and his supporters from cable media like CNN and MSNBC; they stoke racial division. Nicole Wallace of MSNBC, who had to apologize for saying, “President Trump wants to exterminate latinos,” claims she misspoke. No, she and MSNBC do this 24/7. She represents the mindless, ugly hysteria that took over the liberal left when Trump became president. 

From Day 1 they lost their minds and vowed to fight Trump to resist, impeach and imprison. They distort everything he does or says to suit their narrative. Well that’s not working so now they are attacking Trump supporters and donors calling them racist bigots. 

Candidate Pete Buttigieg challenged Republicans to turn against Trump or they will be judged in the history book. Really? Sorry Pete, history books have already recorded the horrific racist history of Democrats creating the KKK, Jim Crow and fighting against every civil rights bill. History books recorded Republican and blacks starting NAACP, fighting against the KKK, against slavery and Jim Crow. 

Republicans fought for civil rights. Sen. Robert Byrd was a Democrat Klansman and welcomed by Democrats. Pete also recommended the U.S. rebuild Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala so their citizens would not come here.  


We cannot fix our own cities for our own citizens, such as Baltimore. In 2009 Elijah Cummings said his district was “infested” with drugs and young people walking around like zombies. In 2015, Bernie Sanders toured Baltimore and said it looked like a third-world country. No one called them racists, yet when Trump points out the drugs, abandoned buildings, rats, crime and poverty in Baltimore, he is called racist. Baltimore just had its 200th homicide. Chicago so far 216 murdered, 600 shot; 46 injured, seven dead in an Aug. 5 shooting in Chicago. Trauma centers were so overwhelmed they had to turn victims away yet no media, no 2020 candidates. They are too busy making sure illegals at border are being cared for. No media for the 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles or 10,000 in San Francisco living in filth, rats, tents. 

Democrats just want to beat Trump. This is a disgrace. Dems continue to ignore the many problems American citizens face. They offer no realistic ideas — only no walls, no borders, no I.C.E. They are scary, not Trump.

These 2020 candidates offer absolutely nothing to make America a better place. The Statue of Liberty should read, “America, clean your cities up, care for your citizens, your poor, your homeless, your hungry, your struggling families looking for their American dream.”

Only then can we help other countries. God bless our first responders and President Trump. God bless America.

Annette Lynch

Alexander City