Dear Editor, 

Well here we go again.

I received several calls from concerned citizens after publication of the Aug. 15 article in The Outlook concerning the new municipal facility. 

First, let me say this. If as a citizen you are concerned with what is taking place write a letter to the editor. The more voices we have talking about the subject the better off we are. 

Now to the point; I read the article and this is how I understand the situation. First off, the wording troubles me. I read a lot about “think,” “try” and “hope.” As a businessman in the Alex City economy I have to know — not think. I don’t try; I do. We all have hope but with a good professional group supporting a given project success is a given. 

Now to the cost. The architects suddenly “think” this job will cost more than first predicted due to a more in-depth look at the building. Isn’t that what we paid the architects for in the first place to give us a solid estimate on the renovation cost? Now suddenly we have problems. In case you don’t know architects usually get paid on the total cost of the project not on the estimated cost. I am yet to find a real estate agent or contractor that has ever seen a remodel come in on time and on budget.  

I think it is time for a new architect. The city officials and the architects “think” they can get a competitive bid from the contractors. Obviously these guys are not aware of the booming economy we currently are experiencing and any contractor worth his salt is months — if not years — behind. Good luck on competitive bids. 

The plan is to close the outlying offices and shops of the various departments and consolidate in the new building. There is something I don’t understand. Where is all the logistical equipment that supports these departments going to be stored?

Sales Office Drive has been renamed James D. Nabors Drive. I think the whole facility should be named after Mr. Nabors; after all, this is his legacy. Does anyone remember Mr. Nabors’ last accusation at Russell? The game. I hope this municipal building does not go the same route.

Currently there are initiatives on the horizon Alex City could be poised to take advantage of. I “hope” the debt incurred by this municipal facility doesn’t nullify those potentials. Coupled with the debt of the new high school I fear we will be stuck where we are while watching others benefit from these potentials. Oh, but we could always tack on more sales tax, right? Thanks you for your time.

Woody Baird 

Concerned Alex City businessman

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