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Dear Editor,

Readers may recall the “Rick & Bubba Show” — the infrequent series of letters to the editor a few years ago when Woody Baird and I would trade comments. In one exchange, I suggested to Woody he run for office if he wasn’t happy with the way things were going.

Well I’ll be danged if he isn’t running for Mayor! Good on ya, Woody!

And guess what? I believe Woody might be what is needed for Alex City.  You heard me right. I have not always have agreed with him — often didn’t — but a change is needed if the city is ever to reach its full potential.  And that potential is unlimited if the right leadership is in place.

Tommy Spraggins is a good man who was thrown into a tough situation and has done well.  And if readers are good with where Alex City is today, and good with having Alex City stay pretty much the same for the next 10 or 20 years, then keep things as they are.

But if you’d like a shot at seeing how new ideas just might work, then consider voting for Woody. I don’t really know if he will make a good mayor, but I do know nothing will change if you don’t make it change.

I met with Woody several days ago, listened to his ideas, and came away with confidence he could be a positive change for Alex City. Caution: He can be strong-minded (me too!), but that’s not always a bad thing.  

I believe it’s worth a try.

Dick Bronson

Montgomery (Former Alexander City resident)


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