Our view

How do you decide who will get your vote for U.S. Senator when you go to the polls in March?

Obviously, people align themselves with political parties that lean towards their own personal beliefs. 

We ask  you as a voter arm yourself with information to make a wise decision.  

As President Thomas Jefferson once said, “The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.”

We agree.

The most basic improvement that can be made to modern American democracy is the development of an educated voting population. Being informed then exercising the right to vote is an important way to help preserve our precious democratic system.

With that in mind, we ask voters to spend time in the coming months primary reading about the candidates. Get to know what they believe by meeting them when possible many will pass through the area campaigning as Tommy Tuberville did Friday and Saturday. There are sufficient opportunities to see candidates face-to-face.

Our area and our state are facing issues that will shape our future. It is important we find people who have our best interest at heart to serve us in elected office.

Don’t let cute commercials, sound bytes or the letter beside a candidate’s name be the deciding factor for you. Knowledge is much more reliable.