Our View

It’s hot. It’s dry.

It’s an interesting combination for those of us with a lifelong history in Alabama. We are used to the warnings of staying hydrated and avoiding being outside in the “heat of the day.”

We are used to hot and humid weather in the summer with the thunderstorms and extra water keeping things wet. We are used to keeping an umbrella in the car for those summer downpours. We are used to having a shovel around to help create berms for diverting water from driveways and yards.

The dry has created an interesting set of issues. The leaves and pine straw crunch under your feet as you walk screaming for water. Now instead of being somewhat wet, that debris is tinder for an easy fire.

Just this weekend the Alexander City Fire Department was called to a small brush fire in the woods across from Russell Medical behind Calvary Heights Baptist and Russell Brands warehouse. The cause is not known and the department was called out again Monday as the dry conditions allowed the fire to flare up again.

To help with matters, we need to be careful how we dispose of coals from the grill. The smokers among us need to make sure cigarettes are out when we dispose of them. The dry conditions mean fires start easily.

In the meantime, keep a rake handy to remove pine straw needed for combustion instead of that umbrella.