Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, 

This is in reply to Woody Baird’s Aug. 17 letter to the editor.

Woody, it is true brutality has been in the human race throughout time. When you read the Bible stories you learn Cain killed Abel as well as murders of people throughout the Bible for land in the name of religion. This same thing goes on today throughout the world. Everyone is capable of murder whether with knives (swords in your case), guns, hammers, whatever, but in the times of our founders they had muzzle loaders — not assault rifles. Muzzle loaders as you well know, take a long time to load. 

Woody, I don’t know you but I assume you are of the older generation of men who believes men have to take care of and or control women. 

I am of that generation but I do not think that way. I believe both men and women are equal and I believe women are quite capable of taking care of themselves. 

Knowing how to shoot as well as having a New York street fighter as a father, I am quite capable of taking care of myself and I respect my husband enough to know if I needed a helping hand he would be there to help as I would with him.  

However, I do not see the need in assault rifles in the average Joe Blow’s hands. They are military and for killing people. Shotguns and rifles can be used for deer, turkey and other game animals for food and a pistol for protection if need be. 

Let’s get these guns out of people’s hands. There is enough violence with population increasing at an exponential rate and our species doesn’t seem to have the instinct of animals to know when to quit. More people, more anxiety, more murders.

Since I believe some of the best leaders in the world were women, we would probably disagree on many facts. Santana wants peace and I would hope most women would agree we need more peace in the world also. So with that, thank you Santana for your letter because I agree with that.  

Judy Palfrey