Our View

Teamwork makes everything better.

At Monday’s Tallapoosa County School Board of Education meeting, superintendent Joe Windle said his school system is starting to work with Alexander City Schools.

Windle told the board he and Alexander City Schools superintendent Dr. Keith Lankford have been working together since the latter began his position this year. 

 “I think I saw for the first time in my tenure a desire to work together for all the students in Tallapoosa County,” Windle said.

We think it’s great the city and county schools are teaming up together.  

With the school systems working together, it reinforces community and Alexander City is part of the county. It’s always good to work together as more can get accomplished for the benefit of the community. 

Alexander City and Tallapoosa County students are still from the same area and receive a great education. Working together can only help them and build community.

This unites Alexander City with the county and can promote other city and county bodies working together for the benefit of the community. 

A lot of opportunities can grow from learning from this partnership and practicing it in other places. 

“I see this as the beginning of a good relationship,” Windle said.

We hope the students take advantage of these opportunities and the community benefits. We look forward to what else the school systems can do together.