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As most of you know, The Outlook is located across the street from Benjamin Russell High School. Our staff always knows when back-to-school time is approaching because we hear the consistent beat of the metronome and band directors bellowing instructions over the loud speakers.

Yes, The Outlook is very privy to BRHS marching band time and we’ve come to appreciate it more and more over the years.

From what seems like sun up to sun down, these students are out in the blazing heat marching, standing tall and carrying large instruments or flags. The band often doesn’t get the same accolades as athletes but they sure are equivalent in hard work, rehearsals and even physical conditioning.

Students have to stretch and remain in shape to battle the heat in the dead of summer to avoid injury, just as others would do.

We’ve gotten an inside look at the dedication and camaraderie shared by students in the band. Despite the weather and even coronavirus restrictions, band members are eager to participate in the weeklong camp and enthusiastic for the season to start.

Students are also working hard knowing their season may be cut short, could be limited or may still be canceled altogether. But nevertheless they endure.

The Outlook wants to give a big round of applause to our noisy — yet talented — neighbors. We see you and we appreciate your dedication.