Santana Wood was named managing editor for TPI’s newspapers Monday. 

Wood has been with Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. since May 2017 and served as design editor for nearly two years until she was promoted to assistant managing editor in April. 

“We are very fortunate to have a person of Santana’s talent, work ethic and education working for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.,” publisher Steve Baker said. “Santana has lived and worked in Alabama most of her life and knows and understands the people and the issues they face. As we make changes to the print and digital arm of Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. over the next several months, she is exactly the right person to help lead us.”

Wood was born in Carrollton, Georgia, but moved to Union Springs when she was a child and considers herself a native of the small Alabama town. She moved to Alexander City in 2017. 

“Ever since I moved to Alexander City, I’ve felt like I live in a big city,” Wood said. “When you grow up in a place with only a couple red lights, Alexander City is a step up. But I’m a small-town girl and understand how important a sense of community is in a small town like Alex City. 

“The small-town community feel is one of my favorite parts about living here. I love this community and am thrilled to be serving it by being its hometown newspaper editor.” 

Wood earned her bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism from Troy University. She interned at The Union Springs Herald in college and began working at TPI after college.

“I’ve learned 10 times what I learned at school here at TPI,” Wood said. “I am honored to lead the news staff at TPI. Beyond that I’m excited to continue to lead TPI’s newspapers in the right direction. I want our papers to successfully capture what their respective communities are about and I’m going to work hard — day in and day out — to achieve that.” 

Wood’s primary duty since she began working at TPI has been designing and paginating newspaper pages which she will continue to do.

“When I was hired at TPI as design editor, I felt like I’d landed my dream job because I got to blend my love for journalism and newspapers with my creative side that loves graphic design, art and everything in between,” Wood said. “I’m excited to continue doing that along with managing the newspapers and wonderful staff. I have big plans for the papers and that’s something I’m ready to see unfold.”

Wood was awarded first place in Division B for Best Layout and Design by the Alabama Press Association this year, as well as second and third place in Division D. She was also awarded first place in Best Use of Illustration and Graphics among other team-achieved awards.

“We have a talented staff — an exceptional group of people — that will continue to get only better and better as will our newspapers,” Wood said. “My best interests will always be the readers and this community. 

“I hope if you see me around town you’ll say hi. I’ve been here more than two years but I still have tons of people to meet. I’m excited about that and everything else that is to come with this position.”