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The Dadeville High School baseball team booster club will once again be selling burgers on the grill at home games.

Dadeville High School's baseball team will continue its full-season schedule with a fully-operational concession stand at home games, Tallapoosa County Schools confirmed Wednesday.

"Right now, with infection rates what they are county-wide and it being an outside event, baseball schedules will be normal," Tallapoosa County Schools superintendent Raymond Porter said. "It will be the same at all three campuses. There will be grilling and the concession stand will be open to the public."

Games will continue with social distancing measures, Porter said. The concession stand will also have multiple condiment stations for crowd control.

While the possibility of any further restrictions was never "up in the air," Porter said, "apparently, it was communicated on Facebook."

"It didn't come from the central office," he said.

Porter said he reached out to Dadeville High School principal Chris Hand as well as the author of the Facebook post.

On Jan. 26, Dadeville Diamond Club vice president Derick Robinson posted on the team Facebook page "it has been brought to my attention that leadership at DHS is wanting to cut the season for the varsity team from 31 games to 15 games," urging parents to contact the administration and central office. The Dadeville Diamond Club is a booster club that fundraises for the Dadeville baseball team.

The next day, Robinson posted an update that all 31 games would continue.

Hand confirmed Wednesday the season would continue, barring any sudden surge in COVID-19 cases.

"It's all very day-by-day right now," he said.

Hand said the only COVID-related cancelations made so far have been with the softball team, which had to cancel a few tournaments due to the number of teams that would be attending.

On Monday, the DHS Baseball 2021 Facebook page shared a post from Derick Robinson, stating: "We have been told that we can't cook on the grill, because it's a 'County Health Code' violation. While other programs within the county are cooking hot food." Once again Robinson urged parents to contact school officials.

According to a parent, concessions-stand purchases are technically donations and are not subject to county health codes.

On Tuesday, Robinson posted an update saying the booster club would now be selling hamburgers and cheeseburgers at the Dadeville High School baseball games.

Dadeville's next home game is scheduled for Thursday, Mar. 4 against Horseshoe Bend.