U.S. National Guard veteran Fred Hutcherson.

Even in the military, Dadeville resident and veteran Fred Hutcherson continued his law enforcement career as a member of the military police.

Hutcherson was a sergeant at the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Department before he joined the U.S. National Guard.

“It was something I wanted to do for the experience to be able to tell my kids about the different things that I’ve done in life and make my life mean something,” Hutcherson said.

Hutcherson joined the National Guard in February 2001 when he was 27. His friend talked him into joining with him.

Hutcherson was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003 at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom after the infantry entered. There he served by retraining Iraqi police departments and later teaching at the country’s local police academy.

“It was interesting because they went by different rules than we do here in America and we had to retrain them to do things more in a civilized way of dealing with people, giving them tactics on how to make an arrest and search houses and buildings or anything,” Hutcherson said. ““The language barrier played a part in it in some cases.”

His unit was always on alert and improvised explosive device bombs attacked some of its convoys.

Hutcherson learned some Arabic while he was there from locals.

“Not everybody was out to get us and there were some very nice people there who treated us well and considered us as their friends,” Hutcherson said.

He left Iraq after 11 months when he broke his ankle.

After returning to the United States, Hutcherson was stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia.

In 2004, Hutcherson was sent to Biloxi, Mississippi, where in 2005 he helped with search and rescue and aid police departments affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Hutcherson was discharged in 2006 as a specialist.

Right before he got out of the military, he started working for Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement, which formed into the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency then he started his career at the State Bureau of Investigation. Hutcherson is a senior special agent with the alcohol division in the SBI and works on minor compliance, which ensures stores check IDs and are not selling alcohol to anyone under age.

Hutcherson is in the Dadeville American Legion and Disabled American Veterans Bill Nichols Chapter 13.

“We as vets appreciate the support that we have gotten from the people here and ask they continue to support our men and women who are fighting,” Hutcherson said.