harbor pointe boat storage

Harbor Pointe will open its new dry storage facility by the end of the month.

As more houses pop up around Lake Martin and the population continues to swell, the need for additional boat storage has become a priority.

Harbor Pointe Marina in StillWaters plans to open its new dry storage space by the end of the month.

The new location will be on the other side of Villas on the Harbor from the current storage building and has a capacity of 300 boats.

“We are completely full and I’m pretty sure every (marina) on the lake is full,” Harbor Pointe general manager Lee Lewis said. “It’s been that way for a few years for us so based on high demand, it seemed like a need.”

While Harbor Pointe has customers from all over the lake, the StillWaters community in particular takes advantage of its close proximity.

“A lot of these condos and houses have popped up in (StillWaters) and this is there place to store boats,” Lewis said. “A lot of people inside StillWaters are not located on the water so this allows them access to the lake.”

The marina will store boats, drop them in the water upon request and put them back in storage after being used.

The new dry stack storage will have spots for about 50 tower boats and the rest will be a conglomeration of pontoons, triple pontoons and smaller bowriders.

“We will be doing annual contracts that customers can pay monthly or in advance,” Lewis said. “They save 5% if it’s paid in advance.”

While no one has officially been assigned a spot in the new storage facility, there is a waiting list.

“Interested customers can call or email (leelewis@harborpointe.net) and we will email them back when we do start taking spots there,” Lewis said. “They can also apply on our website (www.harborpointe.net). We will be contacting people soon to fill out contracts.”

Construction began May 2019 with clearing and excavating the lot to grade it to the level it needed to be to construct the building.

Harbor Pointe’s current storage facility also has a 300-boat capacity and has been full for several years. Its wet storage holds 145 boats and is about three-quarters full as well.

“A lot of customers have houses outside and StillWaters is open to the public so they use our facilities as well,” Lewis said. 

The boat storage is open during the season from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. There will be 12 courtesy slips at the new facility for boats that return after hours. Keys can be placed in a drop box and staff members will put the boat away the next morning.

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.