Locking car breaking entering

 Dadeville Police Department officers urge residents to lock their cars and know Dadeville is not immune to crime.

A rash of breaking and entering vehicles hit Dadeville overnight Monday.

The Dadeville Police Department is investigating six cases of breaking and entering vehicles that occurred on East South and Herren streets. Dadeville police chief Jonathan Floyd said these incidents were crimes of opportunity.

“All of these vehicles were left unlocked,” Floyd said. “There was no breaking of glass to gain entry to the vehicles.”

According to police reports, four of the vehicles were parked at residences or businesses on East South Street and two were on Herren Street.

Floyd said the thieves looked through the items in the cars and victims were still trying to determine just what all was taken but Floyd said he has a partial inventory of some items.

“There was a weapon taken from one vehicle,” Floyd said.

Floyd said there are a few easy steps owners of automobiles can do to prevent many crimes of opportunity.

“Please take all valuables from your vehicle,” Floyd said. “Please lock your vehicle. Even a town like Dadeville is not immune from crimes like this.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.