Brett Pritchard

Siri Hedreen / The Outlook

Alexander City Board of Education's newest member Brett Pritchard hands back a signed certificate of affirmation at his first meeting Tuesday.

The Alexander City Board of Education wasted no time in folding in its newest board member.

Brett Pritchard signed a certificate officially affirming his position on the school board Tuesday, as required by the School Board Governance Improvement Act of 2012. Pritchard's first board meeting took place only one day after he was nominated and appointed by Alexander City City Council, and five days after he interviewed for the position. Councilmember Scott Hardy nominated Pritchard, who was appointed by unanimous vote.

"You're officially welcomed to the Alexander City Board of Education," school board president Kelly Waldrop said Tuesday. "It's a large responsibility but you'll do a great job."

Pritchard, a high school and public relations specialist at Central Alabama Community College, replaced Denise Bates whose five-year term had come to a close. Bates also interviewed for a second term last week. She and Pritchard were the only two candidates.

Waldrop thanked Bates before carrying on with the board meeting agenda.

"It was an honor to serve with Ms. Bates," he said. "She served honorably for five years and the board will miss her but we are excited to go with Mr. Pritchard."

Waldrop also assured Bates the school system's fine arts program would continue, "because she will make sure that happens." In her interview for reappointment Thursday, Bates cited fine arts as one of her top priorities.