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Adams Water Treatment Plant provides water for several water authorities in addition to Alexander City residents

Crisis is averted.

Water is crucial and Thursday morning, things almost went awry at the Adams Water Treatment Plant.

“We lost all power at Adams Water Treatment plant at 8 a.m.,” Alexander City Mayor Woody Baird said. “It shut down. The power lines coming in somehow decided to blow up.”

Baird said the city was lucky with Exelon not using water as power generators were down for maintenance. The water tanks had water to supply water to citizens for a while. Alexander City supplies water to Dadeville, Jacksons Gap and even Walnut Hill and a long term shutdown of the water treatment facility could prove to be disastrous.

Baird said all of the city’s utilities stepped into action.

“Our light department had to get down there, replace lines and rebuild poles,” Baird said. “In three hours they had power back up and running. We have one of the finest utility groups in the state. They are great.”

With the power back on, Baird said water services supervisor Lynn Miller stayed at the filter plant to ensure things went smoothly, and the public was not in immediate danger of losing drinking water.

“As soon as power was back on Lynn was there restarting computers and pumps,” Baird said. “Water never stopped flowing from the tanks.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.

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