Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

When I read (The Outlook) about Ms. Julia Walters’ courage, I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

She is a sixth-grader and dropped everything, awards day and all, to go and do something bigger than her. She is not going to reap the benefits she is fighting for but she is making a way for the next group of elementary students.

She dropped everything Tuesday and went to Montgomery to speak to the House Ways and Means Education Committee during a public hearing for House Bill 199. Bill 199 is the fiscal year 2020 education budget the House of Representatives is considering.

Ms. Walters advocated for a change in the budget to allow elementary schools to apply for grants for Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) Robotics program. She even brought along a VEX robot and display board she and her teammates at Radney Elementary School put together.

She is a tough young lady. I don’t know her, but I would be honored to meet this powerful awesome young lady who stands up for what she believes in when the opportunity presented itself.

She waited and acted; she said last year they had already done the budget.

When Ms. Walters got down there, she was overly prepared. She wrote her own amendment to Bill 199 and asked them to consider it. She told them how it worked; someone motions to bring to the floor for consideration and someone seconds it.

The young lady knows politics. This means a lot to her and the House should honor her amendment and bring it up to a vote and pass it. The Senate should do the same. They say they are for education, make it happen.

Pass the lottery bill and put her amendment in the education budget. How hard is that? Let’s do the right things for children. Ms. Walters thank you for your courage. I hope many more young people will follow their hearts and take a leading role.

Arlean Wyckoff

Alexander City