Business leaders in Dadeville see a potential need as the coronavirus spreads across the state.

Lake Martin Dadeville Area Chamber of Commerce board member Ed Shikoski is hoping area residents will step up to serve their neighbors as panic from coronavirus is hurting, even those not suffering from COVID-19.

“We are asking everyone in our community who is able to get involved with helping each other in need,” Shikoski said. “We have a large population of retired folks, disabled folks and we have folks suffering from non-coronavirus illnesses. All of these folks have one thing in common: They may need our help while getting through this coronavirus self-quarantine period.”

Shikoski is calling it the “Neighbor to Neighbor Project.”

The idea is simple. These volunteers may help a resident in need by running errands such as picking up a prescription or shopping at the grocery store. Shikoski, who regularly serves the community and owns The Rodeo Club with his wife Marge, wants the volunteers to help. As needs arise in the community, he hopes area residents will do more too as some may need help with meals and more if the economy is affected due to COVID-19.

Shikoski’s idea is sprouting on the Lake Martin Dadeville Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. His vision has good Samaritans submitting their contact information and where they live through messages on the Facebook page then as a need is posted to the page, matches will be made by chamber staff and board members.

“Those in need need to post their need for help,” Shikoski said. “Those who are able to help those in need, please send a message to assist.”

Shikoski shared his idea with a few local residents gathered at The Rodeo Club on Tuesday afternoon, all of whom were practicing social distancing with at least 6 feet between people. Shikoski remembers past scares being blown out of proportion but still is cautious about COVID-19.

“I remember Y2K,” Shikoski said. “We had customers bring generators to make sure the show continued for New Years Eve. It was really hilarious but I’m sure taking the coronavirus serious.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.