Not only did former Auburn University football coach, Pat Dye, allow S.O.A.R. Inc. to visit Crooked Oaks in Notasulga for a day of fishing, he helped many of the youngsters catch fish during the visit.

Area children hit the road earlier this month for a special trip to Notasulga to visit and fish with former Auburn football coach Pat Dye at Crooked Oaks.

“The participants had an amazing time with a warm red carpet type of welcome,” SOAR Inc. founder Andrus Love said. “Coach Dye enjoyed seeing the young anglers and even interacted with our group for about an hour. He helped some change hooks, bait and pull a few out.” 

The organization also provided the youngsters with lunch at Crooked Oaks, which Dye owns.

“Everyone was fed and all were satisfied,” Love said. “We’re looking forward to our next annual event.”

SOAR Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving Tallassee, Reeltown and surrounding communities, is gearing up for a variety of spring and summer activities for children in these communities.

“All events are planned to coincide with my three objectives,” Love said. “Provide more events and activities, feed those who (are in) need and enhance police and community relations.”

Love began SOAR (Serving Others Accepting Responsibility) just more than a year ago and said he enjoys helping others and the community through his program.

“I love helping people, changing lives, teaching new perspectives and offering hope,” Love said. 

SOAR Inc. will offer meal lines and more this summer for the children in Tallassee and surrounding communities. Last year, Walmart and McDonald’s in Tallassee sponsored the summer feeding program.

Love graduated from Reeltown in 1995. He earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and his master’s degree clinical psychology and counseling from Troy. Love has more than 10 years of experience in youth services and juvenile probation with the Alabama Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Resources in Macon County.

“I’m utilizing my knowledge and experience to give back to where I am from,” he said. “This is where I am from and this is the motivation.”

For more information about the organization or to make a donation, call Love at 334-354-9745 or visit www.facebook.com/SOARIncorporated.