SEC football is back. Therefore, so is this edition of “Right, Wrong or TBD”: The article where I review the previous week and determine which predictions I had right, which I had wrong and which are still to be determined.

Wait, maybe I have never done an article called “Right, Wrong or TBD?” Well, that’s OK; you’ll figure it out.

Right — That Mac Jones will be really comfortable in this Alabama offense. Jones is in a weird spot as starter because his time is sandwiched between the greatest ’Bama QB of all time (Tua Tagovailoa) and the superstar true freshman everyone raves about (Bryce Young). But Jones looked cool and collected in the pocket Saturday and even took a few tough hits.

Wrong — That the aforementioned Bryce Young would supplant Mac Jones as the starter. Young played some late in the second half but looked far from ready to take the helm of the Tide’s offense. He still has 8 feet of potential in his 5-foot 10-inches body. It’s just that he is not ready to be “the guy” yet.

TBD — I practically mocked Mississippi State for hiring Mike Leach and his air-raid offense this summer. But last week I also predicted MSU to beat LSU. Given the talent losses — both expected and unexpected — the defending national champs had, I don’t think we can convincingly say Leach’s system will work wonders in the SEC yet. I will say the Bulldogs will be a much tougher out for all opponents just because they will have no issues slinging it all over the field.

Right — I have loved Seth Williams ever since I saw him play at the AHSAA Final Four in hoops. He’s a leaper and a gamer with huge hands to secure the football. Finally, Auburn is giving him more chances to use all of those attributes and he is making the best of those opportunities. It’s going to be difficult for him to make All-SEC first team this year because of the sheer talent throughout the league at that position, but Williams is destined to be high draft pick.

Wrong — My four-year belief in Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond’s abilities and potential has been misguided. Every year I think Mond will improve and every year he is average at best. Based on Week 1, the preseason second team All-SEC selection looks like he should at least rank behind the QBs at ’Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, Ole Miss and Miss State. Good grief I was wrong about this. I will also add that I owe a huge apology to Florida’s Kyle Trask — a guy I have never believed in. He looked like a Spurrier -age passer Saturday.

TBD — Florida’s offensive output was uber impressive, but shouldn’t we consider the opponent’s coach has never been known for producing a defensive juggernaut? Florida’s going to be really strong, but I don’t see this team scoring with such ease all season.

Right — Instant replay has been something I have railed against for years now. It just seems to be far from what we need it to be in terms of accuracy when we sacrifice so much time to deal with it. Kentucky clearly scored against Auburn right before the half, but instant replay didn’t overturn it. Then, Auburn had a pick-six that was negated by a targeting call discovered on replay. By rule, it probably was targeting (though I hate that rule), but why does replay allow for retroactive penalties of one kind but not another? Shouldn’t we replay holding, too? Pass interference? Oh wait; the NFL tried that and it was a disaster. So why replay any fouls? In theory, replay is great; in practice it is just as flawed as on-the-field refs.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.