This week, I respond to more (fictional) letters sent to my mailbag.

Luke, is Alabama’s defense finally coming around?

— L. Myron, Childerscauga

It certainly appears that way. ’Bama’s D has surrendered only 17 total points in the last 10 quarters of play. Of course, it should be noted none of the teams the Tide faced in those games are known for their dynamic offenses. However, the improvement from the first three contests is definitely noticeable. With a disjointed LSU squad and impotent Kentucky offense slated for Alabama’s next two matchups, I think the defensive stats will get even better. Credit needs to be given to defensive coordinator Pete Golding, too. He hasn’t always had his squad ready, but these last several quarters the Tide has looked more like the defenses of old.

Mac Jones has taken the lead in the Heisman race according to many. Does he really have a shot?

— Tray Z’Done, at Momma and Dems House

Definitely. It seems weird the best quarterback in ’Bama history — Tua Tagovailoa — leaves the program and the year after the next-in-line QB wins the coveted Heisman, but here we are. Jones has been deadly all season and even without the electric Jaylen Waddle to throw to, he is still putting up tremendous numbers. Heismans aren’t won before Halloween, though. Jones will need to continue his hot start for sure to bring home the trophy.

LSU…. I mean… What the heck is going on with them?

— Sky Rizi, Coosa Bend

Heavy is the crown, as the saying goes, and LSU’s crown must weigh more than a Mardi Gras float. The Bengal Tigers lost a lot of talent and that should be considered when judging this 2020 team, but to lose to Mississippi State and Missouri then to be blown out by Auburn means there are other factors at play. Their performance in Auburn on Saturday was indicative of a team that seems distracted and disinterested. It would not shock me if a few more LSU players decided to opt out before the home stretch. We have seen this movie before and it was called “Auburn 2012: The Gene Chizik Chronicles.”

What should the punishment have been for Coach Dan Mullen’s involvement in the Florida-Missouri brawl?

— Hugh Mira, Sipsy Summit

I know the Georgia/ Florida game this Saturday is a big one. I know this game essentially decides the SEC east. However, I don’t see how the SEC didn’t suspend Mullen from coaching this week. Mullen didn’t just not help quash the fight when the gators and Tigers were headed to the locker room, he practically instigated the whole thing! If officials are going to toss players for even inadvertent helmet-to-helmet contact in order to “clean up the sport,” how can the league office not suspend a head coach who was the centerpiece in an on-field melee? It’s a horrible precedent that Mullen is allowed on the sidelines this week no matter how large the game is. The $25,000 fine is a literal joke.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.