A random assortment of topics for your reading pleasure…

1. As if the point hasn’t been proven enough, the NFL Draft showed us again recruiting rankings are pretty accurate.

Now, there will always be outliers, but (depending on the recruiting service you use) eight to 10 of the players taken in Round 1 of the draft were five stars. Most of the rest were four stars or high three stars.

Yes, Josh Allen of Kentucky is an example of a barely-pursued, late-bloomer who worked his tail off and made it big. Congrats to him for his unreal accomplishments; I am thrilled for him as he is a great kid.

In the end, though, the top side of the draft is made mostly of players who could be easily spotted in a crowd in high school.

2. Staying with that point, here are the teams with the most draft picks in NFL history: USC, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Miami, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan and Oklahoma. Eight of those aforementioned teams are in the top 11 of all-time college wins.

In other words, we can talk about coaching or environment or scheme and all of those aspects are key to success, but it has to start with talent if you want to be an annual threat.

3. I am not sure if it is all coincidence, but have you noticed how Auburn has been on a Pac-12 kick of late? Last year the Tigers opened with Washington. This year it is Oregon. Home and home games with UCLA and Cal are already lined up for the future, too.

The Oregon-Auburn tilt in Dallas in 2019 is a monster game. Gus Malzahn needs the win to reassure the fan base he is the man for the job. Oregon needs the win to help the perception of its league.

This game is probably the biggest of them all in Week One.

4. Nick Saban came in to work about a day and a half after having a hip replaced.

Conversely, I usually try to work in a nap after unloading the dishwasher — On the couch … because my bed is upstairs.

5. “Avengers: Endgame” lived up to its billing.

The God of Thunder’s beer gut-gag ran a little long, but there’s really nothing to complain about. Except … Now what?

After our heroes have saved the universe from an insane titan via time-travel, how could we possibly be excited about Spider-Man stopping a bank robber? Will he even want to?

If Marvel can pull off a way to make superhero movies work going forward after that epic Avengers run, it will be straight sorcery (Scarlett Witch-style).

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.