Although the scoreboard won’t support it, according to Lyman Ward head coach Leon Day, the Fighting Rangers did just that against Cornerstone Christian Academy.

The Charges prevailed 29-0, but Day said the effort was one of the best he’s seen in a while.

“It was the best game Lyman Ward has played in a couple years, period,” Day said. “Our kids fought hard, but toward the end, (Cornerstone Christian’s) depth started to kick in.”

The Chargers jumped out to a 14-0 lead at the half, but as led by Adarius Reese, Brashante Lewis, Quirio Johnson, the Rangers were able to remain competitive.

“We played much better than we did during the first week, and that was our goal,” Day said. “Every week, we want to continue to improve. Although the score doesn’t show it, we played well. We were able to get it into the red zone a few times, but we shot ourselves in the foot a little bit.”

Reese accounted for 150 yards of total offense, and Lewis was the high man in terms of tackles for the Rangers.