Lyman Ward’s final road game of the season ended in disappointment Friday as the Rangers lost 48-26 to Ezekiel at Capital Heights Middle School football stadium in Montgomery.

Despite the loss, Lyman Ward’s Corey Coleman led the Rangers in scoring with three touchdowns. Garrett Davidson also went 8 for 13 and 198 yards passing.

Ezekiel scored first in the first play of the game, following it up with an extra point. But the Rangers answered by returning the kickoff for their own touchdown. This narrowed Ezekiel’s early-game lead to 7-6.

However, before the half was over, Ezekiel would score four more touchdowns and extra conversions, leaving the halftime score at 36-6.

In the second half, the Rangers came back and scored three more touchdowns. But even with the extra points, that wasn’t enough to overtake Ezekiel, who added another TD and a field goal, along with an extra point. By the time the dust settled, the final score was 48-26.

The Lyman Ward Rangers have one more chance to pull out a win this season as the Rangers close the season this Friday by hosting Evangel Christian from Pelham.

“They’re the team to beat,” said Lyman Ward head coach Keith Elliott. “If we don’t show up and play hard, it could be embarrassing. But we will.”

This is Elliott’s first year of coaching the Rangers and with no wins so far, it’s been a tough season.

“But we’ve been revamping and working to find our identity,” he said. “It’s a process.”

That process has shown some positives.

“The kids have enjoyed themselves and we’ve escaped any serious injuries,” Elliott said.

Kickoff is 6:30 p.m. at Ranger Stadium.