The Lightning struck Ranger Stadium Friday night as Lyman Ward lost its final home game of the season to Alabaster-based Evangel Christian home school, 36-6.

The Lightning packed an early punch with three touchdowns in the first quarter. With the extra points, Evangel Christian set the tone with a 22-0 score that remained for the duration of the first half.

The Lightning added insult to injury in the second half as Evangel Christian scored one touchdown each in the third and fourth quarters. With the third-quarter 2-point conversion, the visiting team galvanized their domination of the night.

The Rangers did make their own touchdown in the final quarter, but it wasn’t nearly enough to catch the Lightning.

The loss brings Lyman Ward to a season of 0-7 with a nine-game winless streak that stretches into 2015.

“I’m not happy with the outcome of the season,” said first-year head coach Keith Elliott. “But it’s our first season and it was a learning process. We did show improvement and we played our best ball game of the season Friday night.”