Lyman Ward suffered another defeat Friday when the Rangers went on the road to play Lighthouse Christian. The 37-7 loss brings the team to 0-4 for the season.

While Lyman Ward head coach Keith Elliott had hoped playing an away game would give his team more focus and better chance at bringing home a win, that did not happen.

“I don’t think we even got off the bus,” Elliott said.

Instead, Lighthouse Christian acted early to set the tone of its homecoming game.

“They were leading 31-0 at the half,” Elliott said.

The Rangers did manage to pull out a touchdown in the second half, thanks to running back Caleb Miller.

“He ran the ball hard and played well,” Elliott said.

And that wasn’t even at Miller’s best.

“He got sick right before the game,” Elliott said.

Nonetheless, Lighthouse Christian answered the Rangers’ TD with one more of its own, expanding the team’s homecoming lead to a final score of 37-7.

It was a disappointing night for Lyman Ward.

“It was the worst game we’ve played all season,” Elliott said.

Although the Rangers didn’t generate much offense or play defense well, there was one bright spot in the game.

“We didn’t fumble at all,” Elliott said.

With Friday’s loss behind them, the Rangers have this week off. The coach plans to use that time to reevaluate, as well as to add a new transfer from Fayettville, Tennessee.

Lyman Ward next plays Russell Christian out of Meridian, Mississippi.

“Next week is homecoming,” Elliott said.

The coach is hoping the break between games and support of the homecoming crowd will help motivate the Rangers.

Kickoff of Lyman Ward’s homecoming game on Oct. 7 is 6 p.m.