The fifth annual Summer Basketball tournament is coming to Tallapoosa County this weekend.

The tourney kicks off at 9 a.m. today in Camp Hill.

The competition runs through Sunday afternoon.

In a news release, organizers explain that up until this year, the tourney has been held in Tuskegee.

“For 2016, the tournament will come to Lyman Ward Military Academy,” the release states.

The tournament’s lineup includes the Tri-City Red Devils, Montgomery Canes 17, Tuskegee Flyers, Edward Bell Bells, Montgomery Volunteers and Montgomery Canes 16. But the tournament will also take on an international flare, as the Youth Sports Exchange Belgium team also takes to the court.

“The YSE Belgium (Europe) Lions are the 3-time defending champions in the high school division,” the news release states.

According to event organizers, YSE Belgium is an international student exchange that first brought a travel team of youth to St. Louis in 2006 to learn about American culture and to play basketball. The program eventually expanded to Alabama.

“YSE Belgium has participated in the Summer Slam Basketball tournament since 2014,” the news release states. “The Atlanta/Alabama tour for YSE Belgium has been coordinated by A.D. Drew of Tuskegee since 2014.”

This year Drew partnered with Cedric Buckner of Camp Hill to move the tournament to the Camp Hill area. YSE will have two teams competing in the tourney, team Atlanta and team Belgium.

Saturday will consist of pool play, with each team playing twice. Sunday’s play consists of a single-elimination bracket, with the championship game tipping off at 4:30 p.m.


9 a.m. Tri-City Red Devils vs. Montgomery Canes 17

10:15 a.m. Tuskegee Flyers vs. Edward Bell Bears

11:30 a.m. Montgomery Canes 17 vs. Montgomery Volunteers

12:45 p.m. Tuskegee Flyers vs. Montgomery Canes 16

2 p.m. YSE Belgium-Alabama vs. Tri-City Red Devils

3:15 p.m. YSE Belgium-Atlanta vs. Montgomery Canes 16

4:30 p.m. YSE Belgium-Alabama vs. Montgomery Volunteers

5:45 p.m. YSE Atlanta vs. Edward Bell Bears