Athlete of the Week: Jerry Bosworth racks up 6 touchdowns

Cliff Williams / The Outlook Lyman Ward’s Jerry Bosworth celebrates a score against Peoples Baptist.

In eight-man football, it’s relatively common to see a high-scoring game.

But for one player to score six touchdowns is pretty unheard of. But that’s exactly what Lyman Ward’s Jerry Bosworth accomplished on Thursday night in a 54-42 win over People’s Baptist, and he is the Outlook Athlete of the Week.

“I’ve scored some touchdowns, but I’ve never scored six in a game,” Bosworth said.

Bosworth, a transfer from Vestavia Hills, had an obvious connection with Fighting Ranger quarterback Garrett Davison. The two hooked up five times, and four of those were for touchdowns.

“The thing with eight-man football is if you can get past someone’s secondary, you’re going to score a lot of touchdowns,” Lyman Ward coach John McNeal said. “It’s not uncommon per say, but it was definitely something that I don’t think this school has ever seen. It’s going to be something that we look to do more now that I know they can do it.”

Bosworth had receiving scores of 50, 45, 72 and 37 yards. He also punched in two more touchdowns on the ground from 1 and 7 yards out.

“He’s not my first go-to guy on running plays just because I have a couple guys that are more on my lookout list,” McNeal said. “But after Friday night, I might look to him a little bit more as a strong secondary runner.”

Bosworth said, “I feel like as a player, my best attribute is my speed and quickness. Davison was putting all my passes right on the money, so I was able to get around the defense pretty well.”

Since he started playing football, Bosworth has been playing 11-man, but getting adjusted to the eight-man game hasn’t been as difficult as one would expect.

“It’s really not that much different,” he said. “There are just less offensive linemen, but there’s not that much difference. I think it’s easier to get bigger plays, but I don’t think it’s easier as a whole. It’s a lot easier to play defense in 11-man, but it’s maybe easier to play offense in eight-man.”

Because Lyman Ward has such a small roster, Bosworth also played on defense for quite a bit of the game and added two tackles for a loss to his name.

Although Bosworth wasn’t a part of last year’s winless season, he still knows how important getting the victory over People’s Baptist was for the Fighting Rangers.

“It’s huge,” Bosworth said. “This is the first year that the team has had a coaching staff that really cared, so I give a lot of props to coach McNeal, and I think we’re going to win some more.”