It’s go time. Everything we’ve been building toward is finally here. It’s game week. High school football is ready to begin.

Throughout the offseason and the summer, we here at Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. have been working tirelessly to make sure we’re ready to go. Just like the football players, we’ve been building a foundation that will hopefully provide the best coverage possible.

We’ve covered spring games, we’ve been there for the first day of practice, we’ve counted down the best games to watch and the top players to keep your eyes on this year. We’ve introduced our Inside the Lines Podcast and previewed all 11 area football teams leading up to our Week 0 preview.

We’ve endlessly worked on this Gridiron Guide, reminding coaches over and over again to send rosters with heights and weights (I’m looking at you, coach Phillips). And now it’s time to unveil all that work. Just like the players who will be judged by what they do in Week 0 — and it’ll set the tone for the rest of the season — this feels like our big judgment today.

But it’s not just about what’s in the newspaper. Elmore County sports writer Caleb Turrentine and I have had endless discussion about how to make our coverage better for you. Of course it starts in print with our Sports Extra — the biggest weekly high school football section in Central Alabama — and our dedicated previews of each game. We’ll also bring back our predictions where you can compare yourself to the “experts,” Caleb and I and a mishmash of freelancers and other TPI employees.

Plus, to add to our weekly prediction, we’ll once again bring back a Pet Pick of the Week. Caleb and I, in case you don’t know, are big dog fans. Stella for me and Rogue for him are what make it worth going home on Fridays after an exhausting night of high school football coverage. So, we are trying to highlight the dogs in need of a home right in our own backyards. What better way to do that than to watch them try to “predict” our football games?

That brings us to our video series. Our Pet Pick of the Week will also be in video form, so you can see those local adoptable pets in action. We’ll also once again be doing TPI Games to Watch where Caleb and I along with Tallassee’s Carmen Rodgers discuss the biggest games across our three-county region.

Here in Tallapoosa County, of course we’ll be bringing back the award-winning Inside the Lines Live. We’ll be on the sidelines during warmups of our Game of the Week, starting with Scott Hardy and I taking up our spot at Tiger Stadium for the Dadeville-Horseshoe Bend opener on Thursday.

Also in Tallapoosa County, we’ll have our Inside the Lines Preview show with new guest host, Ryne Gallacher. Ryne and I will give you a quick preview of what to look forward to every Friday (and sometimes Thursday) night.

Lastly, our Inside the Lines Podcast will continue to be released at least weekly. We’ll have a preview for every game, and you can get Caleb and I’s final predictions there too. Those will be released every Wednesday, and we’ll try to have special-guest interviews as often as possible. Also look out for special emergency pods when we deem necessary.

If you have a topic you want us to discuss or a burning question you want answered, let us know. We’ll find the answer or make one up. And make sure to participate in our weekly games of “Would You Rather” sports edition on Twitter.

Basically, we, like those football players, have a lot on our plates this year. But it’s all worth it. This is the best time of the year, and we live in the best place for high school football so you deserve the best coverage possible. Caleb and I want to provide that for you, even if that means we don’t sleep until November.

Happy football season.

Lizi Arbogast is the sports editor at Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc.