Daquan Doss intercepts a pass out of the air against LaFayette Tuesday.

With area play beginning to creep in, the Dadeville Tigers and Curtis Sharpe were looking for a little bit of momentum before area play this week.

Unfortunately, the Tigers were dealt a loss which, for LaFayette was a good thing. But it made one thing clear for the Tigers, a break was their undoing.

LaFayette on the other hand managed to play games over the break and the Tigers, who only were able to rely on practices weren’t able to match their foe in the 53-49 affair.

The Tigers struggled early in the opening quarter but soon found their shots and tie the game up at 13 bringing the crowd into an early frenzy. As the final shot for the Bulldogs fell short as the buzzer sounded, the Tigers were up but barely with the 17-16 lead.

The Bulldogs made up for it in the second quarter knocking down nine unanswered points before the Tigers were able to score on a put back by Jordan Parker but that would be it scoring wise. The Tigers went cold.

LaFayette scored 12 total points in the second quarter and took a 29-19 lead into halftime but it wouldn’t be long before the game would take another turn momentum wise.

Dadeville found shots early in the third quarter prompting their foe to call a timeout but the Tigers weren’t going to lay back. A little three-point battle amongst the team broke out and whipped the crowd back up into the game.

The deficit that stood at 10 shrunk to just three points. But when the lead was near their grasp, the backcourt collapsed too frequently as LaFayette drilled deep passes to break the momentum.

The damage was done though and the Tigers relied on Philstavious Dowdell, Antojuan Woody and Daquan Doss heavily. Soon, the Tigers were able to tie the game up but LaFayette squirmed out a one-point lead at the end of the third quarter.

Just like their Dec. 17 match, the Bulldogs were ahead 42-41 and it was the Tigers’ job pull off the comeback. After taking the lead early in the final quarter, the Tigers were able to benefit from a technical foul on LaFayette’s bench.

Doss sunk one of the shots but LaFayette held the tie for over two minutes at 45-45.

One aspect of that problem came from the Tigers who picked up three fouls under the opposing basket but the Bulldogs managed to break the deadlock later in the quarter.

LaFayette even made another basket to put the Tigers down by two possessions but things weren’t over yet. Following a made free-throw, the Tigers needed just three points.

The home crowd was alive and chanting for the team to bring the defense. It worked but didn’t pan out properly.

The Tigers missed a shot right after a momentum swinging turnover and then fouled. The Bulldogs pushed the deficit back out to four and the Tigers weren’t able to pull back into the lead or even tie the game despite some valiant efforts late.

The loss to LaFayette blemished a perfect record and gave the Tigers their first loss of the season.