Luke Robinson

Vegas put out its incredibly early over-under win totals for most of college football for 2019 recently.

In my usual altruistic spirit, I would like to share with you my stone-cold locks for easy wins with your bookie or favorite Mississippi sportsbook.

Read below and thank me later.

Tennessee over-under seven wins: Forget what you think about the Volunteers and how they have grossly underachieved over the last decade. In most of those years, the Vols’ schedule had the likes of Oklahoma on the docket. This season, UT eludes a strong non-conference slate (BYU is far and away its toughest out-of-conference foe) which will definitely help.

Assuming that game is a victory along with the other three typical easy contests, that gets Tennessee to four wins already. I really like Tennessee’s chances of eeking out four other victories as its roster becomes more talented thanks to improved recruiting efforts.

Take over seven wins.

Florida over-under nine wins: The Gators’ program has been in the news for a lot of the wrong reasons lately. A few players have left Gainesville and several commits for next year’s class have de-pledged.

However, those developments predict doom for only two seasons from now.

In 2019, I dig Florida’s chances to not only win more than nine games but to win the SEC East. The great part about this bet is that you may know right out of the gate if you will be cashing in because if UF loses to Miami in the first game of the year, there is no way they get to 10 wins.

Personally, I like their chances immensely against Miami so take over nine wins.

Auburn over-under eight wins: I could make a case to go either with this spread.

On one hand, Auburn loves to spread its wings when the football team is underappreciated by the preseason press and soar to incredible heights. On the other hand, Auburn has an iffy quarterback situation, questionable talent on the offensive line and a schedule reminiscent of a slate from the NFC East.

Auburn could lose to any combination of Oregon, Texas A&M, Alabama, Georgia, LSU and Florida without surprise and that doesn’t even factor in the other SEC games it faces.

I am going against the grain on this bet though: If available, bet on Auburn to win exactly eight games. Maybe you get good odds for that or something; I don’t know.

Take push eight wins.

Clemson and Alabama over-under 11 wins each: Essentially, you are betting both teams got through the regular season undefeated (I am pretty sure the conference championship games do not factor into these wagers).

It stands to reason someone like a Florida State or LSU will trip up at least one of these two powerhouses, right? Well, I don’t think so.

’Bama and Clemson have synchronized easy schedules, generational quarterbacks and unreal receiver talent. It’s hard to see any team on either slate giving the Tide or Tigers a loss.

As bad as the odds may be, betting on Alabama and Clemson to go undefeated may be the best wagers on the boards. Take over 11 wins for both teams.

Central Florida over-under 10 wins: Just take the under.

It’s time the football gods put an end to this madness. Take under 10 wins.

Where will I be correct? Where will I be way off? It doesn’t matter because you won’t even remember this uninspiring article by the time you finish your coffee so in a few months I will just claim I was right anyway.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.