Reeltown’s 2021 campaign was tough but the steady leadership of Trey Chambers and his senior class kept their postseason hopes alive as they won their area championship and punched a ticket to the postseason.

The team was considered a heavy underdog this season, but after an early loss to Alabama Christian the Rebels turned the corner.

“We knew we were going to be underdogs entering the season, as many didn’t know the things to expect from us,” Chambers said. “Our staff and players set goals and knew what we wanted out of this season and I think our early close loss to Alabama Christian set the tone for us. It was our first game fully together and we showed a lot of positives and moved forward from there.”

The Rebels won the area championship and reached the state tournament stage but Chambers says that both parts of the season were huge and special to be a part of.

“I’m just proud of our group of guys and community,” Chambers said. “It was definitely fun to witness our players accomplish both.”

There were many great moments in the season, so Chambers said it’s hard to sum up the season with one great moment. But one particular thing stood out to Chambers.

“I’ll say the greatest moment to me was just watching our guys work extremely hard during the off-season and season and watching those moments pay off for them,” Chambers said. “We didn’t end as we wanted to obviously, but we did some special things this season that deserved some reflection. So, as coaches watching it all unfold the whole season was really special and I’m thankful to be a part of that.”

The Rebels losing far more than two seniors.

“Well, a lot of people will look at the roster and say well you’re only losing two seniors, that’s good, right? Well not so fast, we’re losing some very important leadership,” Chambers said. “We’re losing very important production from an offensive and defensive standpoint and excellent teammates. Will Brooks and Logan Lee display what our program is all about, they will be missed dearly and can’t be replaced. They’ve laid a solid foundation and example for our younger guys coming up. I’m very proud of them and cannot say enough about those two.”

Reeltown’s future path will be to raise the bar according to Chambers. But the future of the program and what’s next for the team that played their first year of 3A competition will be to set a tradition of consistency.

The 2022 season is a ways off but the work has already begun and Chambers says that everything they accomplished can be won in the offseason.

“So, it’s time to make our gains in the weight room and on the field this summer and fall in hopes of being in a great position to accomplish our goals next season,” Chambers said. “I’m looking forward to getting back to the grind.”

Chambers says that he’s honored to be named Coach of the Year

“I’m very appreciative of this award! I’m blessed honestly,” Chambers admitted. “The position I’m in and the things happening are not my doings alone. God has his hand in this. Not a lot of people have the opportunities that I have and aren’t in the position I’m in to influence young lives for the better, so this award isn’t about me and I didn’t win it alone. Our coaching staff, our players, our community, our parents and everyone who supports our Rebels are recipients of this award as well. So, thank you all.”

Regional Sports Director

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