JaMichael Greer

Andy Anders / The Outlook JaMichael Greer earned recognition as an All-American in Top Gun baseball Labor Day weekend.

He may only be in middle school, but JaMichael Greer is already gaining national recognition for his talents on the baseball diamond.

After an outstanding year with the O Dawgs, a 12U travel team in Top Gun baseball based out of Opelika, the Alex City native was selected as an All-American and represented the southern region of Top Gun baseball at its All-American games.

“It meant a lot. My family was proud of me,” Greer said. 

Making the All-American game was a process for Greer.

The O Dawgs competed in nearby Top Gun tournaments, where player stats were recorded to identify top players. Those that separated themselves at these tournaments received an invite to the regional All-Star game.

From there, the 24 best players at the regional All-Star game are divided into two teams to go to the Top Gun All-American game. Greer landed one of those spots, the only O Dawgs player to do so.

He posted the top batting average at the tournament.

Being that he still hasn’t reached high school, Greer is still sampling different sports to see where his interests lie. Basketball is his first love.

“I used to like basketball more than baseball,” Greer said. “But after all the tournaments and stuff, I think I like baseball more.”

Greer also plays youth football.

Back to baseball, the young phenom said his favorite part of the game is pitching. He enjoys striking opposing hitters out.

“It’s fun just knowing you can get up there and throw it as hard as you can,” Greer said.

His peak on-field accomplishment was a no-hitter he tossed for the O Dawgs at The Ripken Experience tournament in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee a few months ago, relying on his fastball, changeup and the occasional curveball to bring home a landmark baseball accomplishment in any youngster’s career.

That outing combined with his consistent hitting throughout the tournament is likely what got him selected to the Top Gun regional All-Star game, Greer said.

“It was unbelievable, it felt really good,” Greer said about the no-hitter.

When not pitching, Greer manned any number of positions for the O Dawgs both infield and outfield, but most often he was at shortstop or third base.

After a couple years at Alex City Middle School, high school sports will be the next step for Greer. If his Top Gun honors are any indication, he could be an impactful athlete for Benjamin Russell down the road.

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