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Courtesy / NJCAA Dylan Moncus hits a putt at the NJCAA Division I Golf Championships in 2019. CACC won the National Championship title that year.

A hard worker and top Central Alabama Community College golfer, Alexander City native Dylan Moncus earned the Srixon/Cleveland Golf All-America Scholar Award.

The Golf Coaches Association of America nominated 1,018 players from across the country who fit the criteria of the award and Moncus was one of 11 within the NJCAA division.

“I was in shock when I heard,” Moncus said. “It’s one of the first major awards that I’ve won since I’ve been in college. It’s nice knowing that studying and all the extra hard work I put in gave me the opportunity to be an All-American scholar.”

CACC men’s golf coach Dave Jennings wasn’t nearly as surprised as Moncus about the news but equally as excited.

“Dylan’s just a good student, a dynamite kid,” Jennings said. “I’m tickled he’s awarded something like this.”

Full-time student-athletes that are members of the GCAA are eligible for this scholarship. Moncus was the only one who earned it from this year’s graduating CACC golf sophomores. Criteria include maintaining a stroke average under 76 and a 3.2 GPA or better.

The key to Moncus’ success is prioritization and balance.

“You gotta put schoolwork first,” he said. “You gotta have the mentality to get schoolwork done and also try to excel at golf by making priorities. That’s the key in life — try to get above and beyond in everything you do.”

A 2018 Benjamin Russell graduate, Moncus signed with the Division 1 Samford University golf team for the fall. He is one of the first Wildcat golfers in more than two decades to advance to a D1 program.

“He was one of my top five golfers,” Jennings said. “He had a great year going. It’s too bad he wasn’t able to play in the national championship twice like he normally would. He’s on to bigger stuff now.”

Moncus agreed it was disappointing to cut his season short. The 2018-19 CACC golf team holds the winning title for the NJCAA National Championship and Moncus was a large part in that success.

“He’ll work his tail off for that (Samford) coach,” Jennings said. “He did for me. I never had to twist his arm to make him do the work I needed him to do.”

Moncus agreed he’s an adept self-motivator and looks forward to his new journey. He is eager to experience a larger campus and the more populated area of Birmingham.

“I’m eager to work with some other guys in different states and on Samford’s team and see how they do things compared to others,” Moncus said. “I’m interested to see how it will go and how we handle business moving forward with (the coronavirus pandemic).”

During CACC’s two fall tournaments, Moncus tied for third and second and the Trojans won two straight tournaments.

“Even under a short season, I think it’s great of the (GCAA) to give academic awards,” Jennings said. “The kids are so deserving; COVID wasn’t their fault.”

Moncus is proud of what earning an All-America Scholar means for his future.

“It looks really good on your resume to see an All-American Scholar,” he said. “It shows you can balance different things at one time — even with all this going on — to be able to practice and do schoolwork and still get it all done with everything on your plate. It shows you can multitask.

“I wasn’t expecting the award but it’s a good feeling.”

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.