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We asked our readers on The Outlook Facebook page what they think about Gov. Kay Ivey’s latest mandate to require all Alabamians to wear masks in public. Did she make the right call? Here are some of the responses:

 I think if your health is at risk by all means wear one but don’t force others to do so. I don’t like her mandate. I haven’t been wearing one and respect the distance and hand washing. Now I am being forced to do something that I don’t agree with.

— Sonia Lynn Hardman


Next time you or if it is the first time you have to have surgery, the doctor, nurses tell you they don’t have to wear mask, gloves. Not necessary. It is infringing on their rights. Cut away

— Cate Skarecky


When all studies and news seem to contradict one another just use common sense and try to follow the rules. This too shall pass.

— Lisa Grant Neese


I would say the lieutenant governor has already pointed out the she over stepped her authority. He also did in in writing. If you are scared to go out without a mask then wear one. Don’t berate people who choose not to. You only have to look through the comments on this post to see how some are treated for not wearing one.

— Shane N Angel Coger


I get it. But the mask has heavily outweighed washing hands. More germs are spread by our hands than anything.

— Josh Tilley


It is ludicrous. The Governor and Lt. Governor need to swap places.

— Tiffany Martin Bishop


I have no problem with it because I wear mine when I go inside a business anyway. If this helps stop the spread it would be great.

— Dianne and William Slay


Nobody who wasn’t already wearing mask, is wearing a mask. Why would they if it’s not enforced?

— Greta Lynne Adams


I think the main problem with the mandate is not if it is right or wrong, but the problem is going to be that it will not be able to be enforced. Police officers are not going to have time running around telling people when they should and should not be wearing masks. Also, almost anyone that’s not wearing a mask can claim a medical exemption, which can’t really be questioned. You’re also going to have many issues when private businesses try to refuse service for people not wearing masks.

— John Buono


I hate mandates but I am glad mask will be worn. Apparently the concept of some filtration is better than none eludes some. The goal is to suppress the broad dispersal of respiratory droplets. Mask of any type will reduce the velocity. Better mask would be preferable but the mass population would not wear full protective gear even if they could afford to do so.

— Jeff Kirk 


I say it’s about time.

— Darith Rudd


If it was about safety it would require everyone to wear a surgical mask not just anything that will cover your face. This isn’t about safety, it’s about compliance. Just about everything that has been going on isn’t about peoples welfare but what you can make a majority of people do that goes against their freedom to make their own choices.

— Liz Snider


I care about what happens to me, my family and YOU! So I am happy to wear a mask and only wish she would have done this months ago.

— Lola Popov