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Do you think retail stores and other businesses should require patrons to wear masks if they are reopening? The Outlook asked readers on our Facebook page. Here are some of their responses:

I believe it should be mandatory. The state was in a big hurry to open back up, and the rates went sky high with people getting it! So since we are definitely not in the clear, masks should be worn in any business. If people don’t like that, then maybe they should stay out of that particular establishment.

— Nita Whatley


No because everyone was in a hurry to get open take what you get. Essential people been working without one the whole time it been out there. Cabinet shop employees not having trouble in their plants, grocery stores and places like that not having trouble, so why worry now?

— Bonnie Waters McClure


Absolutely they should make it mandatory. It just makes sense. Now you would have a choice to not come in the store if you didn’t want to comply. I’d like to not have to go through another lockdown because of the ignorance of a few.

— Bayron Knight


No, I don’t think they should not make customers wear if they don’t want to.. you can ask them to but not required. That is how we do it where I work. Employees wear the mask and advise the customers to if they want.

— Amanda Baker


My opinion is if you need a mask then why would you open places to begin with? If it’s so bad you have to have a mask then it’s too bad to open stuff back up! People are so ready to get back to normal then normal is not with a mask! P.S. are you sure everyone cleans them masks they keep reusing?

— Samantha Doler Cossey


People need to wear mask, use sanitizer, and social distance to keep the virus from spreading. I believe this virus is here to stay, so we have to take measures to properly contain it to a minimum.

— Crystal Turner


No, some of us can’t breathe under a mask. I can’t let covers at night cover my nose and mouth. I’m not the only one with this so for us we couldn’t get stuff we need.

— Zona Penton


Yes, if you are wearing a mask it keeps people from getting the virus from you. And as we all know asymptomatic people can still infect others.

— Jamie Dark


Yes! We as restaurant workers have to wear them so why shouldn’t everybody else. It’s for my safety and anyone else around me safety. This virus is real and I refuse to get it and take it home to my family. If you don’t want to wear the mask then that’s on you. I feel it’s too early to open things back up but since things are open why not take the extra step to protect yourself and others. Mandatory mask wearing in all stores is my opinion!

— Shona Hunter


No! They are more harm than good when not done properly, and from what I see daily, HARDLY ANYONE wears them properly. All that’s necessary is to stay out of people’s faces and wash your hands ... The same as the prevention for any and every other illness.

— Tiffany Martin Bishop


Unless it is normalized, people will not wear masks. I’m not sure making it a law is the best answer, but I’m afraid people are not wearing them because they don’t want to stand out, regardless of safety.

— Tonya Simmons


Yes, it slows the infection rates from rising. We didn’t open back up because it was safe, we opened back up because of the economy.

— Debra Pierce


No if they want to wear a mask is fine but don’t force them on others definitely when it doesn’t stop the virus to start with.

— James Gardner