Monday, a hot-button topic will come to a vote at the Tallapoosa County Commissioner meeting. The commissioners will decide if shoppers will continue to pay a 1-cent sales tax enacted in 2015. The vote will be whether or not to leave the tax in place for 30 years. The tax allows school administrators to sell bonds for capital projects.

The funds would allow both Alexander City and Tallapoosa County schools to build $85.8 million in facilities, including a new high school for Alex City, an auditorium at Horseshoe Bend, a gym at Dadeville High School and a new elementary school in Reeltown.

When The Outlook posted its recent story on Facebook about the sales tax and the upcoming vote, it got mixed feedback.

Here are some snippets from the post:

“I support the tax, so long as there is accountability in what they are spending it on. I don’t want to see us be ‘one of the first school systems to have gps on our buses’ when we can’t even cook lunch in the elementary school at Reeltown.”

— Ashley L. Martin

“I am all for the tax as long as none of the money goes for salaries or non-educational structures.”

— Larry Britton

“Dont yall think the (people) are taxed enough find another way to make money”

— Daniel Grant

“I don’t know about any other school, but the updates asked for at HBS are much needed. Some of us parents have requested these things numerous times! Especially the new drop off line and bathrooms for the elementary gym!”

— Lacy Kuenzel

“Something that big should be left up to the people we are the ones who (are) going to foot the bill.”

— James Harry

“I’m not saying that our schools do not need upgrades, but we need updated books! Some books are still from 10-15 years ago in some classes in Dadeville High School”

— Savannah Mccormick

“If you have a child or even care about a child in any school in Tallapoosa County this is a no brainer. I haven’t noticed any loss in my paycheck over the last year. It’s only a continuation of what we’re paying now. The school system has to have this to improve the facilities for our children and grandchildren.”

— Tony Prescott

“What about a compromise in the tax rate? Drop Alex City down 1/2 a cent to 9.5 and raise the other communities to match Alex City tax rate? That way no one community feels like they are carrying the highest tax “load” and the school systems still see a benefit.”

— Pamela Boswell Booker

“If we had the lottery it could fix a lot of these issues”

— Kevin Moore

“No. We have the highest sales tax in AL along with a few more cities. Common sense says we can’t tax ourselves into prosperity. If the money is there, guaranteed it will be spent.”

— Rick Owens

“I do not see why Alex City needs a new high school. The demographics do not support it. Put some money in modernizing the one that is already built. There is too much tendency to want to move to new spaces all the time. Leave the tax in place and put the money towards upgrading the schools that are already built. When you get new jobs and people start moving to AC, then think about a new school. I’ve never seen a place want to throw money around like this. It’s not the newness of the schools, but the quality of the teachers and administrators that determine how good a school will be. And when will AC get out from under calling everything “Russell” and start branding “Alexander City”?”

— Elsie Hickman

The Outlook plans to have a video form the Tallapoosa County Commissioner meeting Monday morning when the final vote on the 1-cent sales tax is made. We would love to hear your opinion about the vote and why you are either for or against it. Please write a letter to the editor or guest column and email us at