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Southerners are used to hugs and handshakes when greeting someone or just passing by.

The coronavirus and social distancing tell us not to but we can all still greet one another. 

Masks make a simple hello or how are you doing a bit muffled and difficult to hear, especially when there is other sound around. But don’t give up on being friendly.

A simple wave of the hand to someone from 6 feet might not have been acceptable to some just a few months ago. Today, it is a welcomed greeting. It’s an acknowledgment we are not alone in feeling lost without some affection during a greeting during this pandemic, but it’s necessary. 

Now, we all know Alabama and the rest of the country doesn’t want to do without school and football. 

Some are thinking the coronavirus is a bunch of malarkey but if we all look closely, most of us will know someone who was close to someone who died of COVID-19. Health officials have made suggestions on how to conduct events and schools and we should follow the suggestions. Following the precautions likely means we won’t transmit the virus to our friends and family.

The more than three weeks of required masks appears to be bending the curve down of new COVID-19 cases in Alabama, but we can’t drop the masks just yet. The light at the end of the tunnel will soon be here if we all continue to practice social distancing and mask wearing. Hopefully then we can return to our handshakes and hugs.