Our View

Suspects are passing counterfeit bills in Alexander City, so customers and merchants should be vigilant about funny money.

Alexander City police chief Jay Turner said his department got four reports of counterfeit bills being used Thursday afternoon and evening at businesses downtown and along U.S. Highway 280. The reports indicated the incidents occurred between 6 and 10 p.m. Two were at drive-thrus and another at a motel.

Turner said the bills were being passed in large denominations while the suspect or suspects made a small purchase in order to get a large amount of change in legal currency.

Turner warned citizens to be wary of large cash bills.

“Be on the lookout for it,” he said. “Be alert to what you are taking in.”

It’s possible movie prop money was used in at least some of the cases and Turner said even if a bill is marked for movie use it is still illegal to pass it as payment for goods and services.

With the explosion of online banking and debit cards, we don’t hear as much about counterfeiting as in years past but the incidents in Alexander City make clear criminals are still printing and/or using fake money and it doesn’t have to be sophisticated operation.

Earlier this month, 20 fake $100 bills were discovered circulating among students at Elkmont High School in Limestone County. Law enforcement officials said the bills were bought on the internet. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if those who sold the counterfeit money online took fake money for it?