Many of you have seen my writing and know I became a Democrat in 2016. To be honest, I voted for the person and President Donald Trump wasn’t the first person who turned me away from the Republican Party but Trump was the one who turned me into a full-fledged Democrat.

But this editorial isn’t about me; it is about the events around the world and especially here in America. People are dying daily of COVID-19. You can believe in Trump and it is your right, but it is my right to believe in Joe Biden. He is the better person and Republicans have to believe that if you just look at the lies and the chaos Trump is doing in America, you would realize that. He loves the disruption; do you? Biden could help unite the country but it will take all of us to work together as a team. I do believe most Republicans understand the Republican Party is now the Trump party. I cannot nor will I have anything to do with the dishonesty that is in that party. As I said, I did vote Republican on the ballot at one time.

Is it normal for family to fight family over him, neighbor over neighbor or friend over friend? No, but he is encouraging it. Do you like that?

I digress; this letter is not about him. It is about the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). Sen. Doug Jones knows the ACA is extremely important to over 20 million people. He knows students need to be on insurance until they are 26. He knows people with preexisting conditions need health insurance. My sister-in-law couldn’t get insurance until ACA came along because of her preexisting conditions. She now has it. Jones also wants full COVID-19 aid — testing, medicines, etc. for all those in need.

Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are more interested in getting a judge to the Supreme Court than getting help to the millions of people in dire need. They need money to help pay their rent, their light bills, water bills, food and medicines. People are being evicted as this letter is being written. Renters are losing money if they don’t evict them. Small businesses are going out of business; cities and counties are going to have to furlough their employees which mean firefighters and policemen/women.

Steve Marshall, our Attorney General, is one of the plaintiffs in a suit against the ACA stating it is unconstitutional. Many people in Alabama need this insurance and our AG is trying to cut it. In Alabama there are 975,000 people under the age of 65 that have preexisting conditions and the big insurance companies want ACA to go away so they don’t have to cover these people anymore or make the costs so high that those people cannot afford it. Death will be on the rise.

Remember over 210,000 people have died with COVID-19 so far and now Trump wants herd immunity. Dr. Anthony Fauci and others have said that will not work. As a biologist, I agree; that will not work. COVID-19 will increase a tremendous amount and more deaths will occur. Not smart at all. Do you understand or have heard about the long-lasting effects that COVID-19 has in the young on their organs? This is not a virus to play with. 

So I ask, think seriously who you vote for. Are you devoted to Trump or are you a Republican that can think about what I asked? You can be a true Republican and vote for Biden because the Trump party is not the Republican Party I remember. Let’s get back to sanity!

Do this for your neighbors, your friends and your family.

Judy Palfrey is a Dadeville resident.