The trade deadline for the NFL has come and gone, leaving most fans like me scratching our heads wondering what just happened. Up until the Tuesday deadline, the NFL offseason and six weeks of the season experienced blockbuster trades the NFL has yet to see up to date. Odell Beckham Jr., Jalen Ramsey and Laremy Tunsil are all considered to be top-five players at their respective positions, but all were traded for different reasons.

Every year there are big names thrown out into the trade block but not quite to that extent this year. With the Philadelphia Eagles using free agency and the trade deadline to build a Super Bowl roster seemingly overnight, general managers across the league have become reckless with the players they are willing to trade — to the point of tearing locker rooms apart.

The process was not overnight. Teams like the Jets that have had a disappointing season but have a bright future decided they wanted to have a last-minute fire sale on core players and now possibly face a mutiny.

Detroit Lion fans have to be wondering if their franchise is even trying to win, trading one of their best players and a team captain in Quandre Diggs to Seattle and trying to trade the best player in Darius Slay while competing for a division and a possible playoff spot. Also with an injury to Auburn grad Kerryon Johnson, why not make a move for the running backs available?

This leads to the Philadelphia Eagles and their need for players in the secondary yet they didn’t jumped at any of the safeties or cornerbacks on the block, and there were plenty. The Eagles have been putrid in pass defense and have been an embarrassment to football; they’re reminiscent of all those terrible Saints defenses several years back. A roster that has zero finesse to it besides a hurt receiver and another that can’t catch, the Birds needed a little speed to a team that can outmuscle any other team but need someone that can run a route, sheesh.

The Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons are the only two teams that needed to have fire sales at this point but didn’t make any moves either. Both teams have talented players sprinkled throughout the roster but incompetent coaching and lack of depth. Both teams need to be in rebuild mode following the 2019 season.

Atlanta had a chance to move on from an aging Matt Ryan and his contract to the Chicago Bears who are desperate for someone who knows what a football is under center. Denver could have moved on from its aging star as well in Von Miller who still has a lot of juice still left in the tank but can move on from a huge contract and possibly bring in multiple players in free agency with that money. Denver didn’t do itself any favors keeping Chris Harris around either.

Some teams I’m surprised didn’t make moves are the Patriots and the Texans. Both teams are favorites to win their divisions and are on pace to. However, both teams lost their best pass rushers with Michael Bennett being traded from New England to Dallas and JJ Watt tearing his pectoral.

Last week I wrote about the Patriots and the pass rushers they should have gone after. I think both teams are going to look back and regret not getting a hold of one of the many defensive ends that were there for the taking.

Overall there is relief some deals didn’t get made. Nobody wants to see the Patriots be more dominant or the Cowboys get Jamal Adams from the Jets, but it has fringe playoff teams like mine and Lizi’s sitting on our hands and praying for a miracle.

Ryne Gallacher is a regular columnist and correspondent for The Outlook.