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The Alabama Census Bowl kicks off today and we need everyone’s help to put Tallapoosa County in the lead.

If you have not already filled out the 2020 U.S. Census, now is the best time to do so. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs announced its census participation competition among 32 counties throughout the state with the lowest self-response rates. Counties will compete in a March Madness-style challenge where the percentage of responses per county are tallied at the end of each of four weeks.

The census is such an important thing to fill out and an accurate count does more than just define our population and demographics. Numbers counted by the U.S. Census Bureau determine funding from federal programs and also representation on the national level.

If Tallapoosa County does not accurately participate, the state of Alabama could lose up to two congressional seats and millions in federal funding.

Not only is the census important for those reasons and more but this Census Bowl has monetary prizes attached to winners.

There is $65,000 up for grabs for the champion county and additional funds available for the top eight runners up. This money will benefit all public schools within that county and there is no better prize than supporting our education system and future generations.

Look for the Tallapoosa County census committee on site at upcoming events if you need help filling out your census. It takes only a few minutes and doesn’t include any personally invasive information.

There really is no reason not to fill out — there is too much at stake.