It’s hard to believe but autumn is only two weeks away. That’s right, the fall of the year is just around the corner. Yes sir, we think of fall as beautiful colored trees, bonfires, football and cool crisp mornings. Right now it is hotter than Death Valley, and if Satan had a front porch we would be sitting on it. It’s just plain old hot outside and everyone knows it except my sweet wife. She has looked at the calendar, saw the word autumn and that’s all it took.

Suddenly I’m receiving instructions about getting out the fall decorations and decorating the front porch. Being the good husband I am — and having a healthy fear of her rolling pin — I immediately went to the attic to sort through the boxes to get her stuff out. It was only 286 degrees in the attic and the boxes had to be handled with gloves because they were so hot. I thought about mentioning this to my sweet bride, but she started asking about her Christmas stuff and I wanted to wait until Halloween before I had to get those boxes out.

I finally got a couple of boxes down and got them to the front porch and stated decorating. I’m not sure how well I did because I got dehydrated, lightheaded and was sweating so badly I couldn’t get the sweat out of my eyes. I think I got a touch of heat stroke about the time I sat the pumpkins out, but I’m not sure because everything is still a blur. I’m just glad it’s almost fall or I would have died of a heart attack celebrating autumn. Did I mention how hot it is outside this time of the year in Alabama?

OK, I got the colored leaf wreath on the door and it looked pretty good until the afternoon sun got to that side of the house. The wreath is now brown where the sun has baked it. I tried to take it down but it had melted into the door. A metal front door is a real security item, but it sure helps cook wreaths. Then again the sun-cracked porcelain pumpkins aren’t faring any better and have faded to a nice pale white color. I was going to move them into the shade but there isn’t any shade in the front of the house. 

I will admit the calendar seems to be flying by but still the weather ought to determine how we decorate. When I look at the church calendar, I can see it rushing toward the final quarter of the year and there are a lot of things that need to be done. 

That is why it’s so important to prioritize our calendar dates so we don’t leave the Lord out. He is the Creator of time and reminds us the Sabbath belongs to Him. That means we attend His house to praise Him for His goodness and glory. Just read Hebrews 10:25 for the confirmation of this commandment. 

Just because the world puts something on the calendar doesn’t mean we have to participate or at least we can be sensible about our priories to the Lord. Take a minute and look at your calendar and realize how soon the holidays will be here. Start this Sunday being faithful in God’s house on His day with His people.

Well, at least the leaves are falling — not because of fall but because everything is so dry from the heat. At this rate by the time fall gets here, there won’t be any leaves left on the trees. However, my front porch will still show the signs of having once been decorated for autumn.

Dr. Gerald Hallmark is a retired minster living in Alexander City whose column appears each Friday in The Outlook.