Rosie Morgan

Rosie Morgan

Last week we had such strong local storms it was likely lightning that knocked out the power to the telephone substation box on the corner of Coosa County Road 4 and Highway 9.

The local landline telephone area this station feeds, which happens to be at the end of the line for Alex City prefixes 234 and 329, had no connections without the electricity to drive them. Most area phones were out for several days. When the phone is out, we seem to need it the most. Being without phone service for several days is a great concern when you live out in rural Coosa County, especially if you have health issues and the elderly have no other form of communicating for help should they need it in an emergency.

It matters not which service you are signed up with for your cell phone because none of them seem to get service in the woods of Coosa County, including halfway to Equality, all of Nixburg, Cottage Grove and some areas surrounding Rockford. We used to be able to walk down to our gate in the heat or rain to make a quick long-distance call but now we don’t get enough of a signal for that.

My Ron is having home healthcare and physical therapy through Coosa Valley Home Health. The staff is a well-trained professional crew and Ron benefits from this service. The pressure ulcers he developed during the first few days in the hospital on his heels have become angry monsters and required the professional help of a wound-care specialist physician. Dr. Regina Phillips is taking great care of them now. There could be a deep, to-the-bone infection, so an MRI has been ordered.

Last week Pat Garnett was here locally, down from Odenville for the cousins of her siblings to gather at her brother Phil Stephens’ lake home. Everyone had a fun time and many of the children came along as well. While here, Pat stopped by on my birthday to bring a hanging begonia basket in bloom, the very pretty kind that have leaves shaped like angel wings.

I was so disappointed to miss the Chit-Chatters’ ladies lunching at Oskar’s but we had a doctor to see and home health coming. Luckily, the weekends are ours.

We were tempted Saturday morning with lots of thunder in the distance here in Nixburg and darkening clouds later in the day but no rain came. Luckily, Santuck had dry weather, as did the volunteers at the old firehouse/Masonic Lodge for cake and lunch sales.

The Humane Society of Elmore County in Wetumpka always has a big crowd for first Saturdays. It seems many folks love searching for a treasure or two and usually find them at Tail’s End Thrift Store, where all the proceeds go to help the animals of the shelter and the patient ladies who work there donate their time, which as we know is precious.

The leaves are starting to fall around our house and maybe yours too, although it’s not September yet. I can recall 30 years ago when some years the summers went on into October and even Christmas had temperatures in the high 70s.

This summer is following the past five hot seasons by being shorter than we knew even 20 years ago. It hardly seems Mother Nature in her wisdom is trying to tell us we actually do have global warming but rather proving the opposite with weather getting cooler earlier than we’d hoped.

I am always interested in what is happening with the illegal aliens coming here from other places without the legal authority for which I had to apply.

At the end of July, it was a milestone for me in a big way, as I came to live in Alabama 50 years ago in 1969. I have enjoyed the years living in the South and becoming a proud Southern Brit. I chose to keep my British heritage and citizenship because where we come from it is important. I am proud to have been born and raised in the U.K. It took many years to learn to love Southern food and Ron says I make a great cornbread and know how to do those Southern-style peas, beans and limas just fine. As I have said many times, I love life in the South.

It saddens me how our government now wants to “give” healthcare, a place to live, Social Security and all other benefits going to the folks who are breaking our laws while I had to work hard for years to qualify and earn my Social Security. The government has never “given” anything to me.

Until next week, keep smiling.

Rosie Morgan is a community columnist for The Outlook who writes about the news and happenings of the Nixburg and Equality areas. Her column appears here each Wednesday.